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Suppose Gov. Dean were to record a message like the following and make it available for download on the campaign Web site:


Hello. ____[suitably long pause]_____ have agreed to let me answer their phone. I'm Howard Dean and if you elect me president, I'll answer your phone, too. Now, here's the beep.

Knowing David, who IS the Campaign's Senior Internet Advisor, he'll probably suggest this to Howard Dean. ;-)


Collect Call from the Wild...

As physician en observant: thoughtful reputation in the era of e-commerce confronts the old fashion word of mouth that docs develope from hard work and community service: currently, professor Mann up in Toronto conveyed to me a concern regarding human liberties and Macro Media: the issue of a flash mob coordinated with persons holding thier camera in a comparametric manner to develope a virtual view orbit requires persons organizing themselves in a phalnx/spartan position. Other logistical issues from Tolsoy's War and Peace discriptions of LaPlace placing of persons on the Europoean battlefeild come to mind:

with all this said, I called some old village poets and nuts (the Unbearables, Steve Cannon, Bob Holeman, Ismael Reed, and yes, Amiri Baraka (who will be reading at the Boweery Poets Bar at 7:30 pm...he is always late) but in the era of spam and viruses, old contacts have since changed email addresses and those who could vouch for my reputation as an activist are no longer available. So back to the issue of reputation, word of mouth as an MD who has concerns about digital images on licences as well as programed segregation and racism: planning a coordinated group of persons who know how to stand to acheive the subtle Mannian (Steve Mann) quantum effects of parrellel processing of informatics to expose the truth, requires reputation as a post: now my email address is on contact list only to prevent theft of patient information so I have quarentined myself and only Knuth, Mann, and other chosen few can get in, but in the process, my attemt to start someting in the lower east side is underminded by my own paranoia and hence, even if I have established an ereputation, I am lost and disconnected,

To Howard Mechanic
I hope this will filter through the clog of social activists and find Howard Mechanic's eyes.

I just want to express my sorrow that you were shown mercy by our ex-quasipresident Bill "green dress" Clinton. I'm likewise sorry you weren't in a position on May 4th, 1970 (Kent State) to receive at least a token 9mm slug in your diseased brain.

Looking back at that incident, I fault the National Guard for having such poor aim. After all 4 for 7 isn't even a passing score.

Howard, go back to Florence and knock on the door. Go back to your cell and spend the rest of your miserable life watching your hair grow.