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Delicious is a social bookmarks manager. It is still pre-pre-alpha, but it's already become quite a useful part of my daily routine. You bookmark sites as you surf and you can subscribe to bookmarks of your friends and receive them as RSS feeds. It all started during a rare productive discussion between tangra and _joshua on #joiito. The two of them came up with the idea and _joshua coded it.

_joshua is aka Joshua Schachter and is also the developer of memepool and GeoURL.

If you want to subscribe to my bookmarks, I'm joi_ito on Delicious.


Joi, may I you blogroll your links page? That way it will be easier to find. My links are blogrolled on my own blog.

that would be: "may I ask you to" ...

Nice idea. The domain name, however, is too clever.

Good idea. Just blogrolled my delicious bookmarks.

It´s a nice idea, i´m making my bookmark...

I agree - the domain name made me smile.

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