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Justin's post from his Christmas in Japan last year describes the Japanese Christmas experience well. Here is my entry about brining, which is the key to the turkey he talks about. As I was opining to MG the other day, it's all in the bringing. MUST brine the turkey. Innovations in cooking are much more interesting than any of this social software stuff. {{gobble}} {{gobble}}


On visiting some Japanese blogs this past month, I got the impression that Christmas was a non-event in Japan. Justin describes the Japanese experience very well. It's amazing. Had no idea. Thank you for that. Very interesting too about brining.

Bo looks wonderful and is growing quickly. It's easy to imagine her playful running on that wooden floor...those paws and claws slipping and sliding...hope you will grow to love any scratch marks ;-) Maybe give her plenty of bones and things for puppies to chew on so she doesn't start teething on your furniture and that lovely looking piece of wood behind her...:-)

That piece on Japanese Christmas is already two years old! A bit of memory for me - thanks for bridging the gap between Japan and the United States with good food.

Food is social software! Ahem.