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Halley, thanks for having #joiito over to your party. Thanks also for sharing your interaction with your wine bottles after the party. I'll be doing a lot of the same over the next few days. Ever since I noticed that I am now the top result for a google search on "quit drinking" I have this sense of responsibility to myself as well as others to show my/our resolve and share this.

I was talking on the phone today with someone trained as a professional in treating addiction. It's interesting to note that when AA was started in the 60's 30's, it was difficult to find other people who would be supportive during the process of trying to quit drinking. There was also quite a bit of social stigma associated with recognizing an addiction and trying to deal with it. It is much more common today and with chat, email and blogs, it's easier to find people to talk to about this.

Nothing against AA and I am fascinated by it, but I think that this cross-blog support network we are creating for people who have chosen to quit drinking is really amazing and it will be interesting to see where this leads. If anyone else wants to join Halley, dav and me, this is a good a chance as any. ;-)


Uhmmmmm, I think AA was founded by Bill and Bob in the 30's not the 60's.

One more comment....While I applaud your efforts to try this cross-blog support network, I will be interested to see how well it works in the long run. The general consensus among addiction professionals is that to stay sober for any period of time, AA or NA should be a part of the plan. It is also said that people who stay sober without the help of a program such as these probably aren't "true alcoholics or addicts".

I have been clean and sober for 15 years now, and went to AA for several years at the start to get that way, and still go back occaisionally (sp?) for tune-ups. And let me tell you, I don't agree with a lot of it, and it tends to be slogan city, but it worked when nothing else did.

One thing that AA will give you that a blog won't. A real person at your door, any time of day or night, when you got a jones on for a drink, but really don't want to have it.......

So, that said, good luck and take care......K

Thanks for the correction Kevin. I will take that as a constructive challenge Kevin. I think the idea of trying to figure out how we can augment AA with blogs and other tech is a great idea.

Joi, please don't take it as a constuctive challenge, but rather as concern by one person that has and is still going through this, towards one that is just starting to go this "path". The concern is that you're putting "all your eggs in one basket" with the support blog and dismissing what is known to work for many thousands of people.

Above, you say "augment AA with blogs and other tech". If you were truly augmenting AA with blogs and other tech, that would be great-the more support, the better. But based on your post and others, you aren't trying to augment AA and other addiction treatments (for want of a better phrase), but rather replace them, and that is my concern......K

Hey Kevin. Good point. I am actually going to go to my first AA meeting sometime this week. I bought the book and have started reading it. I'm fascinated with and will give the AA stuff a shot. I guess that being the techno-utopian freak that I am, I am hoping that we can discover something new here. I'm still very much in exploration mode and I'm happy to have a few others willing to give it a whirl with me...

Joi, that's very cool that you're going to give AA a try. As a person with tech education and career, and the mindset that goes along with it, I went into my first AA meeting with a lot of trepidation. Luckily I had been warned about what it would be like: They're going talk about god, so if you don't believe, just wait and see-there *is* a place for you. They're going to be spouting a lot of slogans like "Live and let live" and "Think Think Think" and a whole bunch of others. There are going to be old guys in the back of the room saying "Son, I've spilled more liquor in my life then you ever drank" etc. etc.

I thought to myself, what the hell am I getting into? I went to my first meeting and sure enough, what a freak show! Then I started to think that everybody here that hasn't had a drink today has one more day without one than me, so something must be up. And I sure as heck hadn't been able to do it by myself. What a revelation.....

As I went to more and more meetings, and listened, I was able to hear some really good things within all the stuff that I didn't particulary like or agree with. And over time I was able to stay sober within the AA program (uhhhggg, I still hate the term program), and meet a bunch of people with similar interests (read: techies) and the next thing I knew it was 15 years later and many of them from those first days are still close friends.......

So, I hope I didn't scare you off. It's just that being forewarned really helped me in my first meeting-if I hadn't been, I probably would have turned tail and been out the door that first time. Who knows what would have happened to me then. Take care and know you're in my thoughts....K

Shit! I just read the post above and realize that I sound just like the "big book thumpers" I used to deride in AA meetings. What's become of me! ;-).....

Anyway, I just wanted to say this blog support group is way cool too. I think I'll stop these comments now and move over to We Quit Drinking. And by the way, thanks for setting that up....Kevin

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I don't drink. Most people who know me know this. Over the years I've had a lot of friends who... Read More