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I just donated to Wikipedia. If you haven't, you should too. While you're at it, donate to the EFF and Freenode too. ;-)


Good cause, Joi. But should you really be posting things like this to delicious? There are no rules, but I personally think the use of delicious as a personal advertising/notice board sort of outlet really detracts from it. The idea as I see it is to use it for your own bookmarks, and "by the way" let you peak at others' bookmarks. The stuff you've been posting don't look like bookmarks, but rather messages to other delicious users. The communication with others aspect is decided a second purpose, and will tend to turn it into an advertising spam board sooner rather than later, with everybody posting their own personal stuff to attract traffic. The same problem destroyed Usenet, but at least there were "netiquette" guidelines there.

Interesting point kevin. Let me noodle on this. I understand what you're getting at, but the wikipedia thing is ranking pretty high already on daypop/blogdex and is "news" too...

delicious is intended to be used by the individual user as it sees fit. kevin is confused. carry on with the peeing puppy pix.


I guess my point is, whatever the "intention" is, the top page turns into a mix of Craig's List and Google AdWords if people use it for self-promotion. In Joi's case, it's especially pointless, since he has enough of an audience that if something on his blog is judged by third parties to be of sufficient interest, someone else will end up bookmarking it anyway on delicious.

I think that at this point delicious is an incredible resource for discovering hidden gems on the net. Realistically, it won't remain that way for long, since there will be automated abuse sooner or later, but why don't we try to squeeze a few more months of utility out of it? By that point maybe Joshua can hack together a Craig's List-style user voting mechanism to get rid of abusers (until they send in bots to skew the voting mechanism).

As far as what the intention of the site is, I'm not sure that's really relevant. What was the internet intended for? Compared to what it became? With these sorts of tools, they grow in ways not envisioned in the beginning.

As for the puppy pictures: those were WAY out of line. Just think of what delicious will become is everyone starts putting up their pet and baby pictures. The churn on the site already makes it easy to miss good stuff.

To me the self-policed delicious posting standard should be, Is this something I will want to come back and refer to in the future, but I might forget about it, and it might be difficult for me to find if I don't bookmark it? This standard excludes things on your own sites, and it excludes major, universally known sites and easily Googleable sites. This shouldn't be a carved in stone standard, but something to keep in the back of your mind, obeying 95% of the time.

What is delicious? I thought/assumed that this was just a personal blog/website. Is there a place on this site that says that it's otherwise.

Wikipedia's a non-profit, useful site that was down for a few days because of lack of funds. Nothing wrong spreading the word that it needs help. It's not like he's telling people to donate to EWTN.

delicious front page will likely degenarate. it is there so people can find people, etc. but it is not the primary intent. make your _own_ front page using delicious subs. thats kinda the point. you dont have to sub to people whose urls you dont like.


throwing my two cents in:

wouldn't the very nature of police itself? so if the individual user posts something personal, it would be posted once.

however, a truly interesting link that i discover via a friend (by creating my own front page like tangra says) would be posted on mine, which would then replicate back to the front page.

so then eventually the only things on the front page would be the really interesting links.

Back to WIKI...

Here is a wiki that does not need your money. Just your time and attention.
A primer on institutionalized theivery...

And Kevin... I thought about it and I disagree. I should put in delicious whatever I feel like putting there. You can subscribe to whoever you want. The top page of delicious will soon be as meaningless as the top page of The point is subscribing to the feeds. For now. It's an evolving piece of work so if you have thoughts, I suggest giving those suggestions to Joshua. I think it is still in the phase of designing technology for our behavior, not modifying our behavior for the technology.

And support Cognitive Liberty.

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