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I did a quick review of the 2003 stats for this site. Last time I posted my stats, Jeffrey Zeldman slammed my bad manners, but Cory thought it was fine and pointed out that he posts his stats ever new year. Liz points out in that thread that my site includes comments (and puts them in the same html as my entry for all of Google to index). Of the 8475 posts on my blog, 1247 are entries from me and 7288 are comments from YOU. This blog is more about community than a site with no participation.

A quick survey of people on #joiito about whether I should post stats also resulted in mixed reactions.

So, thus justified (and confused), I present (some of) my stats (in the continuation in an attempt to be a LITTLE PC).

And for the record, I don't feel inferior to sites that have more traffic than me and I don't chuckle at sites that have less.

This blog started 2003 with 5,000 page views a day and ended up with 28,000 page views a day. There were approximately 2.7 million sessions with 6.8 million page views for a total of 464 GB of blog viewing.

The Browser breakdown looked like this:

Internet Explorer21.72%
Mozilla Compatible Agent 5.20%
Radio UserLand3.38%

85% of you came directly to the site and 3% of you came from 1,210 people ended up here by searching for the term "best headphones" (hope you liked the Shure's!), 1,133 people ended up here by searching for "diet coke" (Sorry!) and 814 people ended up here searching for "stealth disco" (boy that was fun wasn't it?).

My RSS 2.0 feed was 24% of my page views, my html top page was 7% and my RSS 1.0 feed was 5.5%.

382 of you registered your name and birthday in my birthday database. (Thanks!)

37% of you came from .net, 19% from .com, 10% from .jp, 3% from .edu, 1% from .uk. .ca, .de, .au, .ch, and .nl and 21% from unknown (to me) domains.


Nice end of the year summary.

The Diet coke story was thought waking, Steath Disco hilarious and I'm getting my Shure's(E2) next month.

You sure affected some people!

Happy New Year Joi! And may you succeed in all your projects.

I don't think its bad manners to display blog stats.

One blog vs another does not indicate which is better by traffic level. Are we to assume that Paris Hilton has suddenly became a great person because a bunch of people search for her?

The fact that 85% of your traffic came directly to your site, and that they posted 6 times what you did shows that you are developing a community of some sort.

For a person to insult you for thanking people for participating in your network, community, and success is foolish.

Congrats on your mixed reviews ...

I don't think posting blog stats is bad manner but I do think it is bad manner to tell other people that something they did is bad manner. [How is that for a loop? ;-]

Furthermore, if I think it isn't and others think it is, I am more like to post something about it so more people will start thinking it isn't. [How is that for a bad attitude? :-p]

Happy New Year Joi.

You have my blessing to post stats. I do it all the time. It's more informative than ego stroking unlike some people would have u think. People who don't like to see stats have a serious case of sour grapes.

Speaking of stats, how did you analyse all those log files? Did you use some software, or just lots of terminal magic?

Also how did your new design affect file sizes? 464GB is a lot of data (!), and I wonder if Boris managed some CSS file reduction magic or not. I hope so - at this rate you're gonna need it for 2004!

Akemashite omedetou and a happy New Year!

Post your stats... it's all information and it's aggregated such as to not harm anyone. If people think that it is bad manners, that's just plain stupid as they seem to be trying to make up manners... If they're feeling small, it should be no concern of yours.

One way to look at site stats: it is information that one gets out of a website. Stats are part of a website--they are kind-of webserver source information.

So, I think releasing stats to everyone is kind-of like open sourcing information about how your website operates.

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