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I just woke up from sleeping for 18 hours. I know some people who sleep 18 hours+ regularly, but for someone who averages 4-6 hours a day, 18 hours of sober sleep is quite a psychosomatic journey. I had had a full night's sleep the night before, but sitting in the sun cuddling Bo after a big huge brunch with Mizuka's family, their chatter turning into a comfortable drone in the background sent me into a deeeeeep sleep.

I just woke up and my brain is in a interesting state. I've had two espressos but I still can't type properly. I am quite disoriented, but I feel deeply happy and deeply thankful for a bunch of things. A lot of the "issues" I had been pondering now seem trivial and for some reason I seem to be taking a much longer term view on things. It literally feels like I've done a fresh install on my brain and it is now rebooting.

What a wonderful day. If I weren't feeling so merciful today, I would taunt those of you who have hang-overs today. ;-)


I have been thinking about my sleep time for a while. I sleep about 6 to 7 hours a night and would dream about 4 to 5 max but I just cannot, my brain gets so slow if I do 4 to 5 long term.

Having stopped smoking lets me sleep much better now.

Some interesting things happen when you stop drinking. I found that the biggest changes became apparent at around the 3 - 4 week mark. Unfortunately for me, it seems that alcohol not only fuelled most of the passion that drove me, but also kept the demons of depression at bay by allowing me a little time out from my own self each evening. In short, I near enough lost my ability to think, to write and any drive to achieve anything. That was in April 2003. And I've still yet to substantially get it back.

I now drink again -- but moderately and only after 9:30pm or so when the kids are finished with -- which keeps the headaches and depression at bay. If it begins to interfere with life, I stop for a day or 2. It's perhaps a slightly uneasy, dynamic balance, but it's the best for me given my particular personality and circumstances.

I'll follow your progress with interest. I wish you well.

I have a similar problem. Every once in a while I will oversleep. Something will happen which triggers it and it can't really be controlled.

It happend during the recent power outage in SF. I woke up STILL without power and overslept because I had no alarm. This made me depressed and I just went back to sleep.... I think I slept 15 hours!

When this happens I'm really out of it. Coffee doesn't fix the problem. I usually have a headache and I'm very lethargic.

The problem normally goes away but only after about 4 hours and a few ibuprofen.


I wish I had your problem Joi.
'Sleep thrills' I always say *laugh*

I think the most I have slept in my life is around ten hours. And usually it is around seven. Enjoy your sleep. It's when your body repairs itself.

Sleep is a very important part of recharging our batteries. catnapping is also of great benefit.

Would you believe that here in the UK there is a sleep depravation endurance TV show?

Check it out here

how long can you go without any sleep?

I dont think I can go on without sleeping more than two days. And, 4-6 hours for me is that "psychosomatic journey" %| not less than 8 hours!