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In order to 1) mess around with TypePad more, 2) allow me to indulge my gadget obsession with complete abandonment and 3) experiment with multiple blogs, I've decided to start a blog about Joi Ito's Stuff. It is "a blog about stuff that I have, why I have it, what I'm doing with it and how I feel about it." I have no idea if this is a good idea or not, but starting blogs on New Year's Day seems like a good idea to me.


Great idea. Why not include stuff you want/desire/crave as well?

Is there an RSS feed somewhere that I'm just too dense to find?

Sorry. It's in the sidebar now. Here it is.

Most excellent, thanks kindly (Hi, My name's Malach, and I'm an RSS addict)

What great idea! Can't wait to follow it! Do include a video of the George Carlin routine "You can't go anywhere without your stuff" :)

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January 3, 2004 5:49 AM

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