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I'm giving a speech about the future of the Internet tomorrow afternoon from 2:30pm-3:30pm JST. The speech will be at the Rakuten New Year party. (Rakuten acquired Infoseek Japan and I am now on the Portal Group advisory committee.) I'll try to stream it, but it will be in Japanese. My slides are in English and I've put my outline on my wiki. Please feel free to add comments or links to examples on the wiki. The outline just lists the topics I will cover, but not what I'm going to say. ;-)

I'll be giving live demos of #joiito and IM so if you're around, I might ping you.

I'll be using keynote exported to QT inside of Safari with my examples loaded in tabs.

The latest version of the Keynote QT is here.

GRIPE : Keynote doesn't let you put hyperlinks in presentations. They should either figure out some way to embed Safari inside of a Keynote presentation or allow hyperlinks. Apple Computer presentations use two machines, one for browsing and one for Keynote. Doh. Not very user-friendly.

I will be streaming this if I have enough bandwidth. Copy and paste this URL into QuickTime rtsp:// (Warning. Japanese.)

UPDATE: Sorry folks. Didn't have a Net connection so couldn't connect to IRC or get Hecklebot working.

Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten, Masuda, CEO of CCC/Tsutaya and me. Photo by Ms. Noumura.


About time someone else took Keynote to task for not being able to do hyperlinks - also it can't export to html. For most of the presentations I do, where I don't need anything fancy, I sure would like to have a simple tool that just built web pages with next and previous navigation tabs and looked good when projected. I keep meaning to build such a tool but haven't gotten around to it yet.

You're a brave man, Joi. Most of us learned long, long ago not to try to connect to the internet during a live presentation. Murphy's Law rules. A few well-chosen screen shots usually do the trick, and are quicker, so don't bore the audience as much. If you absolutely have to do a live internet demo, save it for the end.

you could have done it in Flash... ;)

or actually, if you're inclined to do lot's of presentations you could use Macromedia's Breeze software...

And, no, I don't work for Macromedia :P

Joi, when does this start?

Ok, ok, I am blind. I see that it is around 2:30 JST. My bad.

Has anyone else been able to get the stream? I'm attempting to but maybe it is my firewall?

i am the lucky one to be here now in Rakuten. great speech!

Sorry, the Net connection didn't work and wasn't able to log into IRC or run hecklebot. Maybe hecklebot is a jinx.

Thanks Reiran! It was fun.

I heard the speech today. Perhaps I got the hint of new web service from you. Thank you!!

Hello Joi, are you going to make this presentation available online? It would probably be very interesting to read.

Hmmm, maybe I need to take a trip to Japan. You guys are looking quite studly in that picture! Yeah, right, a plane ticket to Japan - coming right up, right after I pay my cable modem bill ...