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Fifteen "bush in 30 second" ads on MoveOn.Org. "a political advertising contest sponsored by voter fund."


I have a hard time thinking these ads will gain any new followers for the democratic party. Now that Saddam has been captured, you basically have to throw out all the ones harping on the war (even though we went there with flimsy excuses and lies and that soldiers died -- most americans think it was a success now that we got Saddam). Then you're left with a small handful of other ads, one going off on civil liberties (probably too complex of a point for most would-be voters), some making fun of the way bush acts on the world stage, and the rest harp on the economy. The problem with the economy stuff is that most average americans are getting tax breaks of $1,000 or so and they don't really care about mortgaging their children's future (this is a nation deep in credit card debt, we're not a fiscally responsible lot). So what's left?

I would love to see Dean or Clark or Edwards have a shot at the presidency, but I don't see any of these ads appealing to anyone outside of the current crop of democratic voters. Since the contest wasn't about candidates, it's about Bush, and my main problem with the whole contest is that it makes the democrats look like the party of "not bush".

I'd rather the party and defined themselves by all the positive aspects of a different presidency instead as "the party of not that other guy."

I agree with Matt, but from a biased perspective against My recent blog entry below:

" obviously isn't led by the sharpest tools in the shed. I'm guessing their shed is filled with a bunch of hammers, shovels, and rubber mallets. It seems with the $5 million they got from George Soros they allocated some of it for the nifty idea of having a short film contest "Bush in 30 seconds." Great fun, a few laughs, but if I was a donor would I want to see my money spent in this manner? What are they thinking? Maybe one of the staff was seeking to expand their personal career in film production? Maybe one or all of them are intellectual juggernauts like Mongo from "Blazing Saddles" and couldn't think of any other use of $5 million+ they raised? In all seriousness, if I was in their shoes, I would develop projects to convince the undecided or non-partisan voters/citizens not create laughs for fellow left-wingers or hardcore Democrats. Anyway, I heard about this site from my girlfriend who is a former Fulbright scholar, whose alumni receive a huge majority of left-leaning emails. Happy New Years to you too, Andre!"