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Thanks to Boris and chicgeek for making me a new moblog. I ripped off the "crop it square" look from TypePad and Boris and chicgeek figured out that categories made sense and rewrote the scripts. Boris did the design with his usual magic and chicgeek did the coding. Thanks a lot guys. It looks/works MUCH better. It's officially upgraded from version .2 alpha straight to version 2. ;-)


The categorizing feature is new and nice.
I wonder how the feature is used.
Specific text in the subject or body section in each e-mail?
Otherwise I guess there are different addresses to post to depending on categories you want to post in.
Anyway, I'm excited about developing technologies of moblog.

Is there some way to go from a moblog post to blog posts on the same date ? (To answer "Where did he take that one ?")

That would be a nice feature ...

(looks pretty good by the way !)

Joi: no, thank YOU. ;)
And Francis (aka chicgeek): merci beaucoup!

Noticed a few things I wanna tweak. Back to work!

Is there a way to go to the next and previous moblog pictures? I couldn't find the navigation buttons, so I just clicked back on my browser and then on the pic I wanted to see.

The same problem as you had Jessica. I can't find navigation buttons...

Y'all are blind or what? Do I hafta put big honking arrows for ya? They're there above the images! The previous and next entries, in italics...


Hehehehehe. ;)

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I see that Boris and chicgeek helped get Joi a new moblog . Read More

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I see that Boris and chicgeek helped get Joi a new moblog . Read More