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The Bush in 30 seconds winners have just been posted.

UPDATE: ad may not pass CBS's "standards". Hmm... via Dan Gillmor


as entertaining as i find these, i can't help thinking that none of them will do a good job of swinging anyone's vote.

Oddly, it seems that Bush and his neocon buddies are inadvertantly doing a good job of losing the old-school conservative votes all on their own.

What's been fascinating is reading recently is the 'The American Conservative'. ( I had it in my liberal head that all conservatives these days were 'prowaronyourkneesforbush' types. Was stunned to find myself actually agreeing with some of what the Buchananites have to offer. In particular this article:

From what I've read so far, it looks like frustration w/the goings on in the US gov't exists not only on the left but also on the right.

The conservatives that hold to Buchanan's view can't really be described as NeoCons. They basically represent the view of "old school" conservatives, which held more influence primarily before WWII.

With regards to foreign policy, I see the NeoCons, Democrats, and Buchanan-ites representing the three major options regarding foreign policy (severely paraphrased):

1. We'll do it, even if nobody else will / American Empire (NeoCons)
2. Let the U.N. do it, we'll send money (Democrats)
3. We're not getting involved and we're keeping our money (Traditional)

*Child's Pay* is provocative and a model for a wider campaign.

Actually the Democrats are more divided on issues than what is portrayed, especially on foreign policy:

That's not good for the Democratic presidential nominee, whoever he (or she) will be.

The winner ends with something like 'guess who wil have to pay of Bush's one trillion deficit'?

This is strange. The deficit is around 500 billion and you don't really pay off a deficit. You pay off a debt, which is more like 4 trillion or something. Things like this make it easy to attack the ad on fuzzy numbers.