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Here's another racist influential leader ranting, this time about genocide.

"There will be a purge on God’s orders, and evil will be eliminated like shadows," the Unification Church leader Rev. Sun Myong Moon, the owner and primary funder of money-losing right-wing Washington Times, said last week. (The comments were posted online by Rev. Moon’s webmaster and picked up by blogger John Gorenfeld.) "Gays will be eliminated, the 3 Israels will unite. If not then they will be burned. We do not know what kind of world God will bring but this is what happens. It will be greater than the communist purge but at God’s orders."

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Rev. Moon may be crazy but he makes great noodles ( and throws great weddings. BTW, it would be fun to arrange a boxing match between Moon and Ishihara.

Good link. Thanks Shelley.

I despise it when people take my religion and disfigure its words to push their own hate agendas.

Man, that guy is one sick puppy!

I am surprised that no one speaks up about stuff like this in a major way. I mean had this been some nonameJoe, then I would understand, but this guy is very influential.

This is sick.


However strange Moon's views are, I hate to see someone's words misconstrued like this.

He may be whacked, but I don't see that he's _calling_ for genocide. I think he's predicting massive earth-shaking developments. Apocalyptic developments on the world stage...

He's just saying he's having visions of the future, in which all gays "will be eliminated", and evil will be destroyed... Couldn't this also mean that they stop being gay, rather than that they're killed? (That is, since he probably thinks homosexuality is evil...)

I think he's weird, but I don't think he wants to kill anyone. He just wants to be a prophet. ;) That's not too much to ask, is it? hehe.

I don't see Moon's words as being misconstrued at all.

First, he says the purge will be "on God's orders." As a supposed representative of God and a self-proclaimed messiah, he's insinuating himself into this purge.

Second, he says that gays will be eliminated or "burned." Even if by "eliminated" he means "stops being gay" (which I doubt), this burning alternative is not terribly pleasant and is in fact rather violent.

But isn't burning a standard in biblical prophecy? I don't think he's suggesting he'll do it himself. Sounds just like the other fundamentalist Christians to me.

Moon is a loon ... but you've got to admit the Washington Times is a pretty useful paper, once you learn to filter its frequent (but not universal) conservative slant. It's a good alternative look at things among major newspapers, it covers stories and angles ignored elsewhere, and it's a sort of early warning system about upcoming stories considered "premature" or "too sleezy" by the mainstream.

And if you're looking for housing or real estate in D.C., it blows away the Post's classifieds.

As I read this thread I'm looking with guilt at my beloved Wacom tablet input device, which has almost completely replaced my mouse on my Mac: The Unification Church makes these things. A friend who programmed for Wacom as a contractor described to me their bizarre, dark, sullen Tokyo offices with Orwellian slogans plastered all over the walls.

BTW, "Moonies" diapers are NOT connected with the Unification Church, despite the widespread rumors to that effect in Japan. There are numerous reliable web sites listing their affiliated companies.

Well since I've been a "brainwashed moonie" now for 29 years, let me give you my take. He's talking about Apocalpyptic developments. He and our movement have never been and will never be violent. The 3 Israels he's talking about in "moonie speak" stands for Judaism, Christianity & Unificationism (what nice sensative, politically correct people call brainwahed moonies). So it's basically a comment designed to put the fear of God in our members to work harder in their missions so this unity can come about.

Well, Lynelle Curtin, that's a nice total distortion and befuddling of Moon's very clear words. I'm a former follower of Sun Myung Moon and I know exactly what Moon meant by those words. He's saying that when he takes over as supreme Lord of this world, having been hailed as the Messiah by all humanity (yes, he genuinely believes this delusion), he will use his supreme power to force everyone to behave according to the dictates of his religion, which among other things forbids homosexuality. One huge irony about Moon is that his religious doctrine also forbids adultery, yet Moon himself has committed adultery several times, while claiming that it was "Providential". Moon's former daughter-in-law witnessed this behavior first hand and wrote about it in her book, In the Shadow of the Moons by Nansook Hong (Little, Brown & Company, 1997). If you'd like to read an account from someone who was an ordinary member of Moon's church for more than a decade, I suggest you read my recent book, Heartbreak and Rage: Ten Years Under Sun Myung Moon, which is available from A sample chapter may be read by visiting my website,

Well K. Gordon, your words didn't give me any heartbreak but they did bring out the rage in me (You're taking on a lioness here). I didn't distort or befuddle his words I gave you "my take", it's my opinion on what Moon meant (idiot). But because you are a disguntled (heartbroken and enraged I might add) apostate, I guess this gives you the expertise and the authority to tell the world exactly what Rev. Moon means (seems just a tad arrogant). I agree with you that he does believe he is the messiah, of course this is not a secret, he has been quite openly proclaiming that for at least 7 years now.

Supreme Power? Well he does talk a lot. Take over, he is 84 you know and absolutely has one foot in the grave. But yes he is definitely against homosexuality. But again I assure you and other readers we have no diabolical plans of burning anyone.

Well, Lynelle, thank you for replying, in this protracted discussion that I would not have returned to if a friend had not pointed out your reply. While I agree with you that Moon is in no danger of taking over this world and ruling it as the supreme Messiah, that is certainly not due to his own intentions. He would take over if he could. And yes, he is 84, thankfully, so even if through some impossible twist of fate he did take over, it would not be for long. You are missing the main point. The main point is that Moon *would* exterminate gays if he had the power, and the only reason the Unification Church is not currently advocating the extermination of gays is because it is in no position of power to enforce this commandment by Moon. I was a member for 10 years and I remember very clearly how Unification Church members would routinely justify even the most insane comments by Moon (such as that his genitals were made from 24-karat gold) as being something so subtle and profound that the reason it sounds crazy is because ordinary people are simply unable to comprehend its profundity. So members would assume that there must be some profound, divine and ineffable reason why Moon is calling for the extermination for gays, and they would proceed to do it if Moon was in power and ordered them to do so.

K. Gordon,

You talk too much and it's boring to read.

Rev. Moon comes from a different culture, and his way of communicating is foreign to you. Looks like you never really understood him.

Keep trying. Eventually you'll get it.


boobah, what a completely pointless post, i'm astounded that you even bothered.

Lynelle Curtin, before we go any further, could you just answer one question for me? What did Moon mean when he said:

"There will be a purge on God’s orders, and evil will be eliminated like shadows,"
"Gays will be eliminated..." ?

I'm not sure what he meant by a "purge" that does indeed sound scary. However we members of the movement have not been given any instructions to go around slaughtering anyone yet and I think this quote is a couple of years old now. So don't worry too much, plus most of us are able to think for ourselves, contrary to popular belief, and would not follow such a mandate.

I believe Rev. Moon means that God's Will is for God's ideal World to be established on earth. This ideal world does not include evil, aka, selfishness. However evil and selfishness are not eliminated by violence. Violence and destruction could happen during the end times as it has happened all throughout human history. But that is all man's doing. Mankind will evolve spiritually and heartistically, inheriting the unselfish love of God. Agape love if you will. Gays will no longer be part of the landscape because they are a product of "the fall of man". God still loves gay people but homosexuality does not allow a person to experience the unity between a man and a women. God is both male and female. If you want to come closer to God - marriage between both the sexes and parenthood are all a part of that process. We believe the family should be the school of true love. And we as members strive for that, however successful or unsuccessful we may be, that is our belief system.

Mr. Neufeld's wife, an arranged match by from Rev. Moon left the movement before they started their family, then he left, and he is quite bitter about all the sacrifices he made while he was a Unificationist. I had a different outcome I was at the mass wedding at Madsion Square Garden in 1982 also and have 3 beautiful children. My youngest child is 16 years old now, here is a link to a youtube video that shows how she has matured as a 2nd generation unificationist: