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I've always had a hard time describing what I do. Recently, depending on the context, I've started calling myself a social entrepreneur. I first heard it in the context of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

Here is a Stanford Business School definition of Social Entrepreneurship.

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See also the Social Venture Network -- pretty cool organization and events.

Your investors will not be happy to hear this...

(Last I saw, George Soros was doing pretty well financially, and he's certainly a social entrepreneur)

Joi -- you ought to take a look at a book called "How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas," by david Bornstein. I've started it, and it is full of examples from around the world. The Skoll Foundation sent it to me (founded by Jeff Skoll, first president of eBay)

There is a very comprehensive site devoted to Social Capitalism at Fast Company's web site:

Ironic that the Stanford prof's "social entrepreneurship" article begins with such a glaring writing mistake, considering Joi's other recent blog article about writing and the importance of correct spelling and grammar.

The very first sentence of J. Gregory Dees' article: "The idea of 'social entrepreneurship' has struck a responsive cord."

Um, "cord"!? What kind, electrical? Umbilical? Pray tell.

Here's some books that may be of interest to you. All good, my personal favorites top to bottom.

Making Money While Making a Difference - Richard Steckel

Brand Spirit - How Cause Related Marketing Builds Brands - Hamish Pringle

Enterprising Nonprofits - J. Gregory Dees

Social Entrepreneurship - Peter Brinckerhoff

There are also some books in my library more directly related to the nonprofit side of social entrepreneurism, but I don't want to bog this down with just more book titles.

am writing to you to make you aware of a Special Issue on Social Entrepreneurship, which we have just published at Senate Hall Academic Publishing with the support of the Institute for the Study of Social Entrepreneurship Education at UCLA. The special issue is priced individually at $37.50 or can be purchased as part of the journal subscription.

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The technology of 23rd Century is ready for your reviewing …

Preventive Science Guide

Difference between ‘security’ and ‘prevention.’ Security system is applied AFTER crime was committed. Preventive system is applied BEFORE, that is, when preparation to commit a crime has been detected.

The preventive science has created the ‘digitalized human being’ by recording the biometrics of human body motion (body language) – the biomotion. This patented technology discreetly and remotely (via satellite) can monitor 24/7 the whereabouts and conversation of every Earth inhabitant. The monitoring doesn’t require surveillance cameras, eavesdropping, ankle bracelets or spy airplanes. Biomotion would make it possible for citizens to protect themselves against terrorism without counting on the authority.
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1) The VIC (Verification/Identification Code) the world’s only unbreakable PIN/Password. The VIC plus biomotion would prevent: unauthorized access to the Internet, viruses, spam and identity theft.

2) Robotic Detective – it detects preparation to the war or terrorist attack. The nuclear weapons would become unusable, the biomochip would make it improbable to transport and launch nuclear devices.

3) Robotic Police – locates wanted criminals, terrorists, missing children, illegal immigrants, seek cars. The robot will pre-select whom to investigate, so domestic spying cannot be abused by humans.

4) Polygraph with biomochip. It senses changes in body language, establishing 100% truthfulness of the suspect’s testimonies. This reduces the need for police interrogations and prevents mistakes, especially in death sentences which trigger lengthy appeals process.

5) HWF (Haivala Water Fusion) portable (4lb.) placed in home. It kills in water deadly bacteria, poisons and GEDs (Guided Engineered Diseases). Bottled water can be processed from the tap for 80% cheaper.

6) The BBG (Biomotion Body Guard) with cell phone in wristwatch. It protects a person from theft, burglary, rape, child abduction, etc. by instantly and automatically transferring a picture of the crime scene to the police. The police can transfer back necessary instruction then arrive on the scene.
(Some of the BBG would be giveaway free by various Civic Groups and Government Agencies).

7) The BBG/CA (BBG Commercial Application) with advertisements and discount coupons – only the ‘CA’ symbol would appear on the BBG screen. This means that you just received a discount coupon for some product. You can delete the symbol, or go to store and use the discount.

8) REDEEMAT – redeems raw materials from garbage right at home, as well as extracts methane for pollution free cars. There would no longer be a need for garbage collection and recycling.

9) PAMS (Paper Molecules Sensor) prevents counterfeiting of currency, credit cards and ID documents.


10) ‘AMERICA MOST UNWANTED’ TV show (the antipode of ‘America’s Most Wanted’ TV show). We don’t want to catch criminals the old deficient way. Instead, biomotion would do the catching by placing suspects under 24/7 satellite surveillance. Such a “warden” is more effective punishment than a prison. It will signal to the criminals that commission of crime becomes physically impossible. Also, ghetto youths would get the message that the way out from the ghetto is to get education, not by committing crimes. Keeping people in prisons cost taxpayers billions of dollars, whereas, keeping them under satellite surveillance costs pennies. Prisons are relics of the past and are only necessary for violent criminals.

11) ‘THE PRESERVATION OF THE MANKIND’ TV contest‘ – where the U.S. cities compete to become the first in the world ‘crime free city’ with the help of preventive science.

12) ‘THE END OF THE LAST EMPIRE’ science fiction reality movie. America and Russia are destroyed by the GED (Guided Engineered Diseases) planted by terrorists. The destruction would occur in total silence. Suddenly both countries will disappear. This movie might be produced in Moscow, Russia, where just recently a new movie studio was build by a Hollywood consortium. It is to encourage both countries to unite in fighting terrorism. In the past these countries successfully united in the space program.

13) ’WATCHING THE WATCHES’ science fiction reality movie. ‘Creating the vicious cycle of creating spending to creates spending.’ The biggest single industrial complex in the world is the CPI (Crime Processing Industry) with about 38 million employees (that is equal of 1/3 of the total U.S. work force). To assured job security for these employees about 70% of the population has been placed under permanent police supervision, that is: 2.8 million in prisons, 3.1 million on probation, 4.3 million on parole, 3.2 million on bail, 11 million illegal immigrants, 4.4 million under investigation, etc. The standard of living cannot be improved because the potential earnings have been taken away by: 1) Spending on the CPI and military. 2) Increased monetary benefits for politicians. 3) Increased in gas prices, in 2005 the oil companies generated the biggest profit ever. 3) CEO’s salaries increased to 1400 times higher than worker’s.
5) Interest pay to foreign banks for loans to cover the National Deficit (now the Deficit is $7 trillion).
6) Income taxes do not generating any revenue, because it cost $1.00 to collect $1.00 of income tax. The biomotion technology would make unnecessary for the police supervision. As a result, it would accumulate about 35% savings to the National Budget. This 35% would be enough to provide all the citizens with: free health protection, totally free education, job security, guaranteed retirement and elimination of the income tax. Poverty and welfare systems would fade away.

ZERO HOUR GUIDE is published by the PREVENTIVE SCIENCE INSTITUTE (PSI) CA, which is the U.S. chapter of the GROWTH AND PROTECTION FELLOWSHIP (GPF). This publication would be available in bookstores, libraries and given away free by Civic Groups, Colleges, Chambers of Commerce and with various consumer products. The task is to place the Guide in every household to make sure that every citizen is inform that America is defenseless against terrorism, because it doesn’t have: ‘tribalism’ spy network, robotic monitoring systems and protection against engineered pathogenic diseases. The Guide was written by members of the Fellowship and assembled by Dr. Edward Romanoff. We do not maintain a website. If you wish to learn more, please send us email with your postal mailing address to

Hi Joi - I’ve personally retiring from "social entrepreneurship". If you’re reading this - please take me off your list of fellow social entrepreneur's. There is no such thing. We are all self-motivated people with an intention to get something in return. For me, I'm retiring from trying to change the world. Only God Can.

See the following (if interested in reading more):

God bless and good luck,