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Hugh just sent me another one... ;-)
Yossi was making fun of me for sitting here blogging blogging blogging...


i feel that a lot of times

Hehehe.. this is exactly what it's like to be with Joi when he's "in the zone"... ;)

Joi, this wouldn't happen if you had a WearComp EyeTap...

I think I had that same conversation last night!

This is really too funny. Made my morning.

Now that you have partnered up, you need to get Gaping Void on your server, because it always seems to be painfully slow to load, and I usually give up. Is it just me?

what i like about you, joi, is that you stay excited about things. see you at etech.

Hey, that's exactly the business card I want! Great one Hugh.

Hey, that's exactly the business card I want! Great one Hugh.

Hello! May I use this for my homepage? Thank you! :-) Lo

There is a corner in the Congress Ctr. close to the World Cafe, it has been dubbed Joi's Corner. :-)

hi Joi,
I just started a website related to blogs, focussing on blogs listed by location. I found this pic on surfing your site, and as it perfectly points out IMHO what blogging is all about, I would like to know if i could use it on my index site as well - with a TrackBack URL to this source ?

My site still is more of a construction site, as i just started those days, but for example i would like to use the index site to randomly promote pics and sayings from blogs i found around - with the kind permission f them producers ;D

I would be glad to also hear from you =)

greetings from germany,
blogchecker Thorus

many thanx for the fast reply and the permission to use the graphic, Joi =)

Its up !