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Sun always has a huge presence at Davos. They always rent a special house right across from the Congress Center and are a big sponsor. They add that special irreverence to the meeting and John Gage is always the life of the party. This year, there is no sign of them. I wonder what happened.

And guess who rented the Sun House... Microsoft. I wonder if Bill Gates is trying to make a point. :-p


Don't you ever think all this travelling on planes that burn non-renewable fossil fuels is a bit much? Don't you feel guilty about the in-equality your ecological unsustainable behaviour creates? Don't you think your taking more than your fair share? Don't you think that someone is going to have to deal with the heat trapped from your emission gases and is therefore going to be worse off? Your constant travelling via plane at your every desire makes me too ill to contemplate.

I for one am very happy someone like Joi is travelling so much since it is required for the good he is trying to do.

Perhaps you should direct your rancor at the millions of holiday travelers who merely graze on beaches? Or better, the sex tourists who exploit children in various countries, etc etc...


I did read in the IHT that the emissions from air travel caused more damage to the environment than previously thought, but the pointed out that it was just one study and the figure they quoted had not yet been corroberated by other studies. In the article they talked about how flying lower (more turbulence for the passengers) would lower the damage to the environment. The conclusion of that particular report was that we would have to curb air travel or thing of something else.

Maybe I'm on optimist, but I think it is politics more than anything us that keeps us addicted to fossil fuels, so I worry less about that than global warming.

And as Boris says, if I were going to cut down on travel, I would cut down on holiday travel before I cut down on business travel.

oh please. joi, please keep traveling- scott, you use a computer, for commenting on a blog, which uses electricity and every time we use something that requires power, something dies.

i have solar panels and some people will say "hey those are bad because they pollute when they are made". there's always someone who will bitch about something, travel is what makes the world economy, there are always tradeoffs- this is the way it works.

can we improve things? sure, are people working on it, yep. trying to make joi feel bad for traveling is just mean.


The practice of using computers is environmentally catastrophic, just as surely as air travel is. Doctrinaire, self-righteous twerps don't deserve your time or energy, Joi. Arguing with holier-than-thou dillweeds like this guy is a waste of time.

There are brilliant people all around the world, and if they are not all able or willing to come to Joi, then it kind of makes sense for Joi to travel to meet them.

As a venture capitalist, one of Joi's responsibilities is to synthesize an informed opinion on issues pertaining to his projects, by talking with a large spectrum of people who might be able to contribute insight.

Besides, I'm pretty sure that his involvement e.g. with privacy protection in Japan, or the Creative Commons in the US, or the WEF meetings in Davos, has much more probability of benefiting the community than the average tourist travelling to a faraway sunny destination because, well, he/she just wants to or can afford it.