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Chatting with Ethan of Geekcorps and Gillian of Witness conspiring to blogifying developing nations and organzations doing human rights work.

Ethan and Gillian are educating me on doing human rights and technology work in developing nations and I'm trying to help integrate blogging into their work. The stuff that they're doing is SO important, I think it's a great application for the blog amplifier.

Ethan's convinced me to visit Africa. Geekcorps sends geek volunteers into developing nations to work on technology projects. Ethan was an Internet entrepreneur turned social entrepreneur.

Gillian has been an activist her whole life, first as a high school Amnesty International chapter leader, then as an attorney, then as a investigative documentary producer. Just listening to her talk about all of the things she's done is so inspiring and is making me feel like a couch potato blogger.


Completely unrelated but don't hate. I read that you use mailblocks? Has yours just completely stopped working for the last five days? Do you know why? Is it gone forever? I really do believe I paid for this service...

yaaaaaaay you can come and visit us ^_^

That's great news. Fair play to you for doing this. Good luck with the adventure, so now you're a geek volunteer. You have finally made it ;)

Anything I can do, count me in.

About "blogifying developing nations" (what a great postmo phrase), you can check this:

Ethan's geekcorps and are behind this initiative. It started two months ago, before Microsoft and UNDP came up with their plan!

Hey going to Africa with the intention of aiding the wiring of nations is awesome. You should definitely go to Mali. Bamako is the capital. I've been there twice and it's one of the most beautiful places in terms of purely the people. It's also one of the richest places for music, Bamako is quickly becoming the World Music capital.