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Everyone in Davos is a CEO or some other fairly senior title. I've found myself introducing myself at sessions as "a blogger" much/most of the time. It still amazing me how few people know what blogging is. Calling myself a "blogger" seems to be the fastest way for me to get the "what is a blog" discussion going. ;-)


[[[[Joi, shhhhh!!! Between me, you, and the lampost, don't focus on the fact that we don't get paid... focus on the ROI.

Tell them it costs about $10,000 to launch a weblog--that we've all had to pay those costs for template development, training, and voice classification. But tell them the return is worth it--placement on the first page of google search results and lots of opportunities for speaking and PR opportunities around blogging.

Trust me, they'll freak. Did I say $10,000? Make it $100,000.

Next, start collecting the money--heck as a promotion, charge them $9,995 if they give you a check at the conference.

Then call me and I'll tell you what to do after that.

Remember, shhhhh!]]]]]]

So, what's the typical reaction when you say you're a blogger? Is there a difference before and after you explaing what blogging is about?

"It still amazing me how few people know what blogging is."

Amazing, given that a whole 0.058% of the world's population already has a blog (more like 0.00167% if you exclude LiveJournal, DiaryLand and the other things which are really nothing like what the "blogs will change the world" school people are thinking of). I would be astonished if 1% of the people in the world could tell you what a blog was.

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