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Introduced Thomas to Sergey. Joi helping his fellow "journalist"...
Thomas Crampton is a fellow GLT and journalist for the International Herald Tribune. I've been hanging out with his a lot this trip, trying to learn more about how journalists work and think. For instance, I asked him about how he deals with issues such as global warming where it is so difficult to understand the first sources and we have to rely so heavily on experts and reports which often conflict. I've also been watching how he interviews people and teases out quotes and threads and focuses his discussion in a way that tries to gather evidence for a story that's developing in his head while at the same time keeping open opportunities for new ideas. (Just like good bloggers do. ;-) )

He's now working on a story about bloggers and he's been interviewing the bloggers at Davos. He's been asking a lot of questions about how we view ourselves, our ethics and what blogging means. It's very interesting on many levels because I'm interviewing him about journalism, he's interviewing me about blogging and I'm watching him interact with people, efficiently gathering information to construct a story. I'm looking forward to seeing how Tom's article turns out and how he manages to take the spaghetti of conversations and turns it into a piece of journalism.

In the process of developing the story about blogs, he quickly picked up the importance of Google and asked me to introduce him to Sergey. We both asked him questions about Google and blogs and I am happy to report that Sergey thinks that blogs may highlight some general issues with page ranking that need to be dealt with to continue to increase the accuracy of page rank, but that he didn't seem to think that blogs were "noise" or that they were getting artificially high page rank. Sergey didn't seem think think that blogs should be treated any differently than any other type of web page. This concurs with the opinion that Larry Page gave me the when I asked him about this last year.

So sorry Andrew, it doesn't look like blogs will be filtered from Google any time soon, and until the media starts to become more permalink friendly, I think the role of blogs in providing information and opinion on the Internet will continue to increase. The good news is that I realize that the questions that many bloggers are asking themselves about ethics and justice are the same questions that editors and journalists are asking themselves.

UPDATE: I was walking with Tom and got a few choice quotes from him. "Reality is good. It's earthy." And in response to my comment about whether I should pull my punches on journalists, he says, "no, poke 'em in the eyes." ;-)


What is a GLT?

A somewhat related solution for the search/permalink issue, is that if you use a (FREE!) Atomz search on your site, you can customize it to jump to the closest #anchor tag.

See my site for an example - or sign up for your own Atomz Search box here.

Also - I'd love to see a blog search engine that searches only webblogs everywhere... or maybe there's already one of those?