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Helmut Newton, Who Remade Fashion Photography, Dies at 83 - NYT

I first met Helmut and his wife at Timothy Leary's house. Tim and Helmut were good friends. (I guess that would mean that Tim would be 83 if he were alive now...) They were the same age and even wore the same tennis shoes. I remember Helmut and as a funny and really cool guy.

When I was working on Indian Runner, we asked him to do some of the photography for the movie and I remember hanging out with him in Omaha, Nebraska where we were shooting the film. I remember helping him find "corn-fed beauties of the Midwest" during his free time. He had this amazing talent for making women feel beautiful and capturing this on film.

I had always loved landscape photography since I was a child, but Helmut was the one who got me interested in portraits and helped me appreciate the amazing talent required to take portraits.

I'm going to miss you Helmut. Say hi to Tim for me if you see him.


i remember meeting helmut in nebraska on The Indian Runner as well, the man was quite an eccentric and amusing character. several years later, i walked out my front door and there he was in the driveway, photographing my neighbor. still quite a character. seemed to me he carried with him a refined sense of the absurd.....

I was always a huge fan of Helmut Newton. His work was so amazing, you couldn't stop staring at it. He really pushed it to the limit, thats what made him so great.