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I remember learning this lesson in the past. NEVER TRUST GATE AGENTS. My Lufthansa flight from Zurich to Munich was over an hour delayed. My transfer for my flight to Tokyo was very short and I thought I would miss my flight so I asked them to route me through Frankfurt. They told me all flights out of Munich were late and I would be OK. We arrived in Munich and we walked off the plane and were told to walk up an escalator going the wrong direction. Then at the top of the escalator, the door was locked and we had a pile-up. I heard cussing in a variety of languages. It was funny. We got out and all of the displays for connecting flights were blank.

I went to the gate, and of course the flight had left. I went to the service counter and I got the "are you stupid?" look and was told that I should take the next flight to Frankfurt.

Anyway, I better go board my next flight on my Lufthansa hub-a-thon...


You should ask for a supervisor, mention how many visitors you get to your site, take a picture of the agent, ask for the full name, then tell him all about the wonderful technology of moblogging and how the whole story can be published online while you are speaking.... Then enjoy your slightly delayed, complimentary, first-class flight ;)

I had the *exact same* conversation with a Lufthansa gate agent that cost me a day in Munich. I honestly think it's company policy to lie to people just to get them on the planes, judging by the "seen it before" attitude everyone had while dealing with rescheduling my connection.

I second Gilberts notion there, I usually write a nasty letter if I get such kind of treatment, and if the airline understands the basics of customer service you will get a free upgrade. If they don't, just don't fly with them ever again.

And Frankfurt is one hell of a hub!

Gate's Agents? you mean Microsofties? Yeah I would not trust them either.

That's Lufthansa for you. They really are terrible -- they have dished out some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced from an airline. I'm damned if I'm flying with them again out of choice...

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