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Three chief executive officer participants at the World Economic Forum prepare public Internet blogs about their experiences in the ultra-exclusive retreat of the world's wealthy and powerful. Seated from left to right Loic Le Meur, CEO of Ublog, a Paris-based blog company; Yat Siu, CEO of Outblaze, a Hong Kong-based email service company and Joichi Ito, CEO of Neoteny Company Limited, a Japan-based venture capital firm.

No... I'm not about to punch Loic. My fist is an expression of our solidarity. -- Joi
Thomas Crampton's article in the International Herald Tribune about us blogging Davos just came out. The IHT may be a good blog, but it sure does take a long time to post articles...
Thomas Crampton @ IHT
With bloggers inside, Davos secrets are out
Tell-all accounts proliferate on the Web

DAVOS, Switzerland This year the barbarians were not protesting at the gates of the World Economic Forum; they were inside and blogging.


IHT suggests that some think the isolation of Davos is necessary to think.
I think it brings some life to Davos that it is more open and on the beat with on-line connection to the world around. There has always been a lot of press there anyway.
This might even bring new ideas to Davos.

And what did you use to blog, Joi? ;)

Davos, feel the fury: THE FIST OF BLOG!

2 TiBooks out of 3 laptops. Nice!

notice how Yat Siu looks at Joi's PowerBook with lust and envy. Ah, our PC brethren can make all the arguments in the world, but when they see a PowerBook up close, they are entranced!

isn't it a bit arrogant to equal the *barbarians at the gates* to davos attendees?

and isn't it a blatant provocation, if not an insult to the multitudes, to assume that the barbarians charged with envisioning and materialing the new, emerging world order (put otherwise, charged with smashing capitalism) are the lucky, privileged, intellectual, powerful, connected ones at davos? isn't that fact alone contradicting the basic reasons of why we regard blogs as something more than static websites?

or is it that blogging and blogs shatter this distance between who's inside and who's outside?

What I want to know is how barbers are barbarians are related. Barbers and barbees?

Joi - the article has disappeared from their server. I've looked up all the links relating to the article and it's a dead links tree. Is there a copy of the article anywhere else?

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"I will not share anything confidential," said Le Meur, adding that he had permission from the World Economic Forum to post the video. "But I do want to show people that even committed capitalists can share ideas." For some, h...
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