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I will be moderating a panel at ETech at 2:45pm on Feb 10 called "Untethering the Social Network or What Happens to Social Networks in the Untethered Wilds?" The panelists are danah, Scott, Mimi and Howard.

It should be one of the less geeky panels at this geek-a-thon.

And yes... Mimi is my sister and Scott is my brother-in-law. This is what happens when you talk about work at home too much. This is the first time my sister and I will be on a panel together.

Untethering the Social Network or What Happens to Social Networks in the Untethered Wilds?

Joichi Ito, Neoteny
danah boyd, U.C. Berkeley
Scott Fisher, Division of Interactive media, USC School of Cinema-Television
Mizuko Ito
Howard Rheingold

Track: Untethered
Date: Tuesday, February 10
Time: 2:45pm - 3:30pm
Location: California Ballroom C

Users, not vendors, create communications revolutions, and the untethering of social networks from desktops promises a user-generated revolution over the coming decade as profound as the Internet revolution of the 1990s and PC revolution of the 1980s. This panel addresses how the coordinated actions of diverse connected users challenge fixed visions of technology deployment, particularly as social software migrates from the desktop into the mobile settings navigated by handhelds. We will discuss how undisciplined behaviors and places push back on models of social software and how this can and should affect technological development. We will consider the role of social networks in the development of and participation in mobile technology. Case studies used in this conversation include pervasive gaming, media mixes, mobile texting, and mobile blogging. This panel presents a good opportunity to discuss the role of social research in technology development.

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EXCUSE ... ME! "It should be one of the less geeky panels at this geek-a-thon." Listen to you, man! I'm also at ETech on Doc Searls' panel with Mitch Ratcliffe and some other folks and I think we will also be a bit less geeky than some of the crew in the rest of the O'Reilly event, but I love geeks, so don't go dissing them!

Just teasing, Joi and can't wait to meet Mizuko and Scott.

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