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I'll be in Austin, Texas in March (13-16) for a conference called Wireless Future, actually a "mini-conference" that's part of South by Southwest Interactive. I think I'm on two panels. According to Jon Lebkowsky, who's one of the organizers, the conference focuses on developers, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers who're interested in wireless technology and mobility. The program includes major presentations by Howard Rheingold (the keynote, called "Mobile Communication, Pervasive Computing, and Collective Action") and Kevin Werbach (the opening presentation, called "The Open Spectrum Revolution"). Other presenters include Cory Doctorow, Dewayne Henricks, David Weinberger, David Isenberg, Dave Hughes, and Justin Hall. We're also throwing a big EFF/Creative Commons party on March 15.

I need to figure out how to blog about upcoming conferences in an organized way. I wonder if I should have a rotating banner in the sidebar. Do you think that putting them in on my travel page is enough?


Have a look at this

Welcome to the Conference Metadata Wiki!

Using this environment you can create and edit webpages describing conferences, their speakers and attendees, and annotate this information with links to related documents and metadata elsewhere on the web.


This website is an experiment that has several goals:

1. Explore the usefulness of a Wiki environment for capturing metadata -- essentially the Wiki is an extension of the FOAFBulletinBoard idea which allows people to quickly and easily hook their FOAF descriptions into the RDFWeb
2. Generate useful metadata describing conferences -- there's currently a lot of interest in capturing metadata such as descriptions of events, people and images. Conferences are one type of event that links together people and a variety of creative outputs.
3. More specifically, provide initial seed data for a study to explore the role of FOAF to support community building at conferences -- this paper has been submitted and accepted for the IADIS2004 conference.

I found it via rdfweb mailing list

I haven't tried it yet

The conference Web site is actually here. :-)

Drop me a line when you get here--maybe we can organize an expedition to my favorite BBQ joint (Hoover's).

Adam, great idea... we usually take a large swarm of technophiliacs to Ruby's on Saturday after the opening party. Hoover's is even better, though!

Joi- I think you should have your big schedule events on the front page somehow. Have you seen Andy Baio's If you use that, it is public, and it's got cool RSS feeds to place your events on your blog.

Oops. Sorry. Fixed the link.

Gen, I actually have everything on my wiki at I just seems that people have difficulty crossing the blog/wiki barrier...

Yes, so what I propose is that you put the big, public conferences into, syndicate that on your home page, and right below that, have a link to the travel wiki page for micro coordination. "Click here for more info on these events." The dates and titles will draw people in (plus via itself) and then you can draw them into the wiki with the link nearby.

ugh, this is the second time im writing this. browser erased forst

im prolly not going to be in austin anymore by the time joi gets there. im gonna be traveling with no goal of settling in mind. therefore im looking for a laptop. i really dont want to put out lots of dough for power hungry machine. rather, I want something that will stay alive for good periods of time on the road , period.

None of the linux pda's look that good for the price. And im still waiting for the simputer, something that has been developed for a non-disposable income based market.

It seems the long awaited linux based simputer is going to be hitting retail soon (albeit late and featureless because of lack of investment interest).

anyway, i posted to the simputer list off of (leads to a yahoo group).

for those of you that dont yahoo and dont want to then sign up FOR the list ( sheesh!)
heres what I posted

"""espite what my fellow first worlders think, I personally cant wait to get my
hands on one. I have no desire to pay thousands of dollars for a stupid laptop that is
far too powerful (and thus costly and powerhungry and thus terrible battery life) and
that has moving parts that are bound to fail. I dont need diskspace because I have a
real machine waiting for me wherever I connect to the net. If i cant connect to the
net, then theres no point in me using a computer.

I need a simple machine thats designed to last because the buyers truly cannot
afford to be caught up in the disposable items market. I need something that runs linux
for my non-retarded,non-marketed,humane lifestyle.

when/where can i get my hands on one in the US?

check for results at