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Two blanks against the trend! The band has decided to make a statement for its fans and for music consumers in general and is releasing the album including a bonus DVD with 2 blank CD-Rs which have the same label as the CD itself. Alexx Wesselsky (singer and head of the group): "We are of the opinion that the music buyers are criminalized enough and have been made responsible for the wretched state in the music industry. We are giving them the chance to make 2 legal copies for private use with 'official blanks'. It can't always be that the end users have to take the blame for something that international corporations have arranged with their artist-burning methods."

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Now that is a brilliant idea. I love it when real artists step up and make the recording industry look foolish, rather than taking more cash to spread the propaganda they're given.

Hmmm. What would you think if they did this with Half Life 2?

nice idea

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