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I was going to write "hitting the road now, see you on the other side," but I realized that I'm going to be flying, not hitting the road, and I'll probably see you a few times along the way. Leaving on a trip is really not an important event anymore except that the likelihood that something bad is going to happen to you increases for a period of time.

Anyway, for those of you who are going to ETech, see you you face to face soon.


What an ominous entry. (The part about "see you on the other side", especially. )
Have a safe flight.

generally, living in NYC i find that travelling means the likelihood something bad is going to happen to me actually decreases for a period of time...


Joi - make sure to check out Dennis Crowley's presentation at E-Tech. you'll appreciate the combination of blog-esque features with an SMS-based mobile interface.

maybe you can write as "hitting the boarding bridge to enter the aircraft now, see you on the other side". but maybe too particular? : )

anyway have safe travel and good time at ETech. (I missed it again)

wow i would like to go there

Gohsuke, I have been trying to connect from the in-seat data port unsuccesfully these days. One of these days, I'll post something from the plane.

Godspeed, Joi :)

Just arrived in SFO and it took over 1 hour to get through immigration. The officer was nice though and apologized for the wait. See many of you soon. Finally back on broadband...

Same here. It took me 1 hour to get past immigration here in San Jose. See you soon in San Diego, Joi. San Jose offers $6.95 worth of wifi for a full day. Are they expecting such long delays?

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