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I finally met someone who went on dates with three people she met on Orkut. So far so good she reports.

Orkut is supplying me with a life so, via orkut, I got comped into Etech, I got a meeting with VCs, 3 dates had, three arranged, and lots of people have walked up to me and said, "oh! hi!"



You guys are just a LITTLE bit too obsessed in your own little world. Social networks! Blog this, FOAF that! Emergent democratic empowerment of post-protean societies, YEAH!

Sure, we are all wet. But we'll be in a far better state after the bath. Whoa. Put that hairdryer down before you hurt someone and go away so we can enjoy the soak for a little while longer.

Obsessed? Us? ;-p

Obsessed... maybe. But only in a very healthy, constructive and creative way. ;-)

Maybe this is the REAL business model for the blogo-FOAF-disruptive-socially-emergent-anarcho-mobile-user-centered-Ork-Ork-democra--whatchamacalit:

Tech Conference Sessions plus Digital Democracy Teach-In $1095.00 (early bird price)
Digital Democracy Teach-In Only (no discounts available) $100.00

No discounts available! The average monthly salary in Iran is less than $250...but of course the "teach-in" is quite affordable for CalifornIranis!

Well, it's official! I created a site for blog sceptics called, surprisingly enough, The Blog Sceptic (

Once I get comments up it might get lively. Anyone is welcome to email me ideas or particularly pretentious posts by the Blog Aristocracy!

(Joi, somehow from reading your site for a while I think you're quite a nice guy, so please don't take this personally)

I wonder if, during the French revolution, someone went up to Louis XVI, and said: "Please don't take this personally."

By posting this here, in a wholly unrelated post, it's already become persnonal.

Max, no, I'm sitting here at about 5am my time with a grin on my face. It's just a little project analyzing and dissecting the overly-breathless pronouncements. I aim to inject a little scepticism in a non-self-indulgent way. And it's not an unrelated topic either: the parent post's about Orkut, the new social software game in town. As such, apart from entries about the puppy or sashimi, they're all relevant :)

Max, I think a little bit of scepticism is good. Especially after 4 days of digesting E Tech.

There's a lot of good things happening in the blogosphere, but yeah, there's a lot of wooly-minded hype out there as well. Thankfully most people I know relatively well in this world can tell the difference.

Interesting times we live in.

But this is what orkut is about, isn't it? A lot of bloggers sharing a passionate curiosity, a need to place the interaction outside the comments box, the possibility of expanding one's resources and network.

Think "defeating the power law".

I like it so far. I think if you use it for networking only it could be a bit boring but what makes it more of a community are the discussions. I've found some very lovely at Orkut. People who are just curious, interesting, and into finding other people who can talk about some of the weird stuff they're into. It's fun if you want it to be.

party is over.orkut don't want people invited off a website like this.

orkut. dorkut. i still like tribe better.