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I'm sure everyone's seen this by now, but Yahoo has just rolled out their own search engine. I wonder what this will mean for Google. It sure does look a lot like Google, which I guess is good.


Yahoo gets at least some of their results from Google and perhaps all of them, as you can see at the Search Engine relationship chart (assuming of course that the chart is accurate):

I did the same search across Yahoo and Google and got similar but non-identical results, so maybe Yahoo is marking it up or doing something different.

Yahoo used to use Google's engine, but according to this press release, their new search is completely in-house, Google-free. As of yesterday.

Just to be clear, though the back-end is new, that design isn't new, dating back to last April. In fact, Doug even did a CSS version of it back then.

When you get an RSS enabled blog you get an option to see the XML and to directly add the feed to your MyYahoo account. Nice.

No big deal. But I do like the fact that the options - images, news, etc, are easy to find and use.

Guh? Have they always used other companies' search technologies? I'm ig'nant in this area.


I love the "view as XML" thing too. So handy. If they would only do a feed:// link it would rock.

My site places higher for a big keyword of mine, and I'm already noticing a difference (#4 for "Cell phone news"). Yay for Yahoo!

Following the suggestion on boingboing, I did a search for "camera". On the resulting page, I literally had a complete page of ads before i got to a 'real' link. And then, the first real link had nothing to do with cameras.

Try again.

Speaking of searching...

Have you all tried Vivisimo's clustered searching?

It's interesting to see what turns up in the clustered results sidebar for specific people:

Yeah... Yahoo! rocks! I officially displaced Google for Yahoo this week... the searches, in my opinion are much better... and check out the Yahoo! Companion (toolbar), also MUCH better than Google

Have anyone tried Queryster? It's a search interface, not sure if it can be called a meta search engine, but sure makes switching search engines easy.

All the webmasters here in Japan are going crazy waiting to see if Yahoo Japan will follow and roll out their own search engine.

Heres a relationship chart for Japanese search engines- as of Jan. 2004