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i_injailI was making fun of Marc Canter because he kept on ending up in Orkut jail, but I got this message today when I tried to invite a friend into Orkut.

To keep a trusted community, we have implemented an automated system that tries to identify members who may be abusing it. While your account is being reviewed, you will still be able to login, but the system will prevent you from performing any actions such as inviting friends or posting messages.

If your account has been flagged by mistake, we're very sorry. Certain actions can trigger our alarm by accident. If you think you have been mistakenly suspended, please send an email to with your username, and we'll review your account as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

I haven't invited very many people and have only sent three private messages. I wonder what the triggers are. Maybe approving too many friend request. Hmm...


I found out the top 4 connectors , top 3 celebrities, and top 3 stars are all in jain now, FYI ;)

I'm still trying to learn how to use LinkedIn.

You are a big connector on there Joi ... average path of 3,253 ... check out the link

Haven't you heard of 'guilt by association'?

It's just a glitch in their system. I was thrown in jail for trying to resend a reply to a message. I hit resend and it didn't work. Then tried again. Bam, I was in jail. This is quite common.

How's the food in there? Do you get cable? Are you and Marc in the same cell? (watch out for him.) ;-)

The food's pretty decent, and we even have TiVO here in Orkut Jail. It's more like having a vacation than doing hard time; Marc spent the day teaching us kids about opera.

Rumor has it famed Grateful-Dead-and-Google chef Charlie Ayers is going to bring us milk and cookies during the turndown service....

The jailing system is in serious need of fixing. The number of Orkut members is skyrocketing, and random jailings are starting to become more common and annoying. Now that so many famous people are in jail, maybe something will be done.

Adam, Psssst. I'll slip a file into the cake I'm baking. Look for it in the second layer, the chocolate one. Don't chip a tooth on it.

Thanks, Jeneane! You're very kind -- much appreciated, since it looks like I might be here for a while. The guard said if I'm good they won't have to put me in "The Box". ;)

Looks like they've let Joi, Cameo, and Tim out of Orkut Jail, but Marc's still in here with me. I must have been really bad this time. :) :) :)

here's a tip for you all in orkut jail: don't drop the soap. -_^

That's good advice, Andrew. ;)

Ok, I'm out for now. Thanks to good behavior. And the file Jeneane passed me in that delicious cake she baked. :) :) :)

What an interesting bunch!
How many of you have ever been to a real jail :)

HI. I'm M/ 23yrs old from Long Island, NY, and I'm employed in IT Consulting. I just gotta find out what this whole Orkut phenomenon is all about.. I must admit, my curiosity has gotten the better of me.

An Invite Would be greatly appreciated.
either way - Thanks.

orkut sucks.. anyone who posts alot is jailed.. for instance has some kind of a friend describing feature. You pick a bunch of adjectives that describe your friend and people will be able to search other people that match certain charactertic(s). myskewl name is misleading and doesn't only apply to school people - i think anyone can use it.

It didn't take long for someone to try a Cafe Press store selling Orkut Jail T-Shirts!

I may buy one myself ;-)

How long do we stay in jail??? I´m there 1 day and already am very annoyed!
Does anyone get out of orkut jail?

I just joined orkut 3 days ago and added 61 of my real friends and 11 communities and did 3 comments to my friends and when I was aading my coisin to my account they just told me I was in jail and that I could access my acount still then I tried to do that and they said I was suspended! I mean I could have joined orkut a while ago and I didn't cause I thought it was stupid and when I finnaly do so I get into jail after 3 days! come on! well what's the trigger after all and how long do you stay there for?!?!?
please does somebody know these answers???

It's been a long time since anyone commented here, but I read enough here and on the Orkut privacy policy to know that I'm not going to accept the invitation I received today.

What an inane joke. Jail? They've got to be kidding. Give me MySpace or Tribe any day. This sounds like the most pretentious POS ever!

I'm sure glad I checked it out before joining.

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彼、目ビームをしながら世界中の美女と友達になろうとしていたのですが、 今朝から刑務所に入ってしまったようです。ギャフン。... Read More

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