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When I was traveling in Europe this trip, I heard the default ringtone of the Nokia 6600 everywhere I went and it was confusing because I always thought it was my phone. I mentioned this to someone and they said, "that's the sound of market share." ;-)

PS Does anyone know where / how to get a mp3 of the Nokia 6600 default ring tone?


I found the proper Google invocation. This:
should do it

Cool. Thanks!

You could take some of Mr. Shimiu's Tokyo train melodies which brought back many fond memories - I have a fellow Tokyo alum now working to convert these to ringtones. . .
But wait, I guess that would really confuse people when you're back in Japan! Nevermind.

Perfect! Thank you for this link, I just added the Nokia ringtone to my Treo 600, where it doesn't belong. Then when it goes off, I will be chuckling silently to myself! Anyone who gets the joke will be a mobile geek, I can tell.

this is a old tune. its ingrained in my head from something long before nokia got it. cant remember what though....

It's actually "Grande Valse" by Francisco Tarrega, a Spanish guitar composer. Nokia's boss enthused about it a while back in a british newspaper. Nokia's rendition of it has been ridiculed quite a bit in the UK in comedy shows and the like, and has evne been likened to the mobile phone equivalent of leaving your Video machine's clock blinking at 12:00.