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I have decided to take on an additional role outside of Neoteny working with Technorati's team heading their exploration of opportunities in the mobile and international realms.

I will be splitting my time between Neoteny, Six Apart and Technorati as my primary responsibilities with board positions on SocialText, Creative Commons and a few other companies and non-profits as additional roles.


I'm guessing you're a major stakeholder in Red Bull too. Gah.

Sounds like someone needs a pied à terre in the Bay Area :)

(From the peanut gallery: reliability/scalability before features for Technorati!)

Very good news from both sides. Mr. Sifry and Co. have got one of the single most important things going on the net over there, IMHO.

Hope the relationship leads to even better things.


Joi gets to play with all the cool kids. I want to be on some boards already!

Congrats,Joi--Technorati is so cool, and these areas are huge opportunities.

Hey Joi. That's great news! Hopefully you will still have time to speak at PhoneCon. I already signed you up.

Since it took place a long time ago, you should be able to fit it in.

Sounds brilliant, interesting and exciting. Love Technorati. Look forward to great stuff. Best of luck to everyone involved.

When are you going to find time to enjoy life? Anyone ever tell you that you work too damn much?

Dont forget your towel to enjoy life ;-)

42 Greetings from Germany

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