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man.. I do envy you ;)

You got this the same day SonyEricsson introduced some new toys as well. The catch-22 of owning the latest and greatest I guess.

"My new P900i"

Cool, but where is mine ? :-D

can this be bought and shipped overseas

gud day...i'm having a serious problem this year ...i'v got also a new p900i came from japan and my uncle gave it to me when he visited us here in phil., my problem Sir is how can i usw this fone here in our country, because this was so beautiful and eye catching fone, and i luved to use it here... when i go to the cellphone shop,and ask them to register my phone here in the phil., should i say that it is a panasonic or docomo??coz they say that docomo can't acwpt by our network,but panasonic can... i'm terribly wanted to use my p900i here...pls. give me som info. thank you...

just like arianne,I'm from the Philippines. My sister gave me this p900i phone and i've been trying to ask almost all technician, if they can open the line but to no avail. all of them told that it can't be done. Now, I'm just using this as my digital camera. It's really a frustration for me not to use this here since this phone has many features. I would like to ask, if it is possible to use this phone here? Or is there a way to open the line of this phone? Please help me with this, I really dying to use the phone here. Thanks.