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Buzz2Talk is a Symbian application that lets you push-to-talk and use SIP to talk over gprs. What this means is that you can use the data channel on your phone to do voice over IP instead of making voice calls. This means that if gprs becomes flat rate (IF) then you will be able to call your friends without using the carrier telephone circuits. This looks like yet another extremely useful application for mobile phones that really throws the whole billing structure of mobile phone operators through a wringer. Does voice become free? Should they charge more for different kinds of traffic on gprs? Won't people build work-arounds?

Symbian is great because it is an open platform and allows software developers to develop obvious things that carriers won't build because of their "optimized" billing structures.


Looks like this could be the beginning of a trend: NEC is developing something similar for Japan which should go into service in the second half of this year and will enable both voice and video calls (wonder if they would implement something like the above app and risk alienating DoCoMo, though?). With flat-rate data coming through in Japan too, it'll be interesting to see the carriers' response. (article in Japanese at

where did buzz2talk go?

gone... anybody have a copy?


Need a .sis
Seems buzz2talk has pulled their site :(
Anyone know of a VoIP or PTT symbian client?

I downloaded and tested the file, but it says license expired. anyone have a test license?

Did someone try it with Motorola A1000? Do you know is there any SIP Client available for Motorola Smartphone?

I found on OneMilDolPage an ad that SillyAnt is about to publish duplex Symbian SIP client + encryption. But no downloads available right now.

Hi I still can't find the buzz2talk.
Has anybody got it. The url in above comments didn't work for me.

Is this SIP client possible to run over WiFi? There are a few Symbian devices currently, and more coming that now have WiFi onboard - so these VOIP calls can be routed over your LAN, avoiding the cell network entirely.

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