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Isaac Mao
The biggest ever block on blog in China, one of the biggest blogging service in China, has been ordered to shut down it's service from noon today.



to the BLOG-mobile!

BLOGman must save the day~!

Hey, Google China has suddenly started to work again--I can find things now!

I've heard that the Great Firewall has unblocked blogspot blogs, but I'm not sure if it's true. Some people in China say that they can access blogspot blogs in certain areas, so maybe they're gradually unblocking it.

This is supposedly the one site that the Chinese government doesn't want people get to, the one that has ruined it all for blogspot users.

Hmm, (the largest blog site in China) is also down....hmm...

Hmm, (the largest blog site in China) is also down....hmm...

Blogcn? Seems ok.

Till now, I didn't hear any other blog service provider in China was ordered to shut down.

You know, most of them(except review bloggers content and kill those senstive posts immediately when they found. Actually, they are acting as the first layer survillence on behalf of government.

BTW, James, no formal data shows which one is the biggest Blog site in China, as I know.

they are shuted down by gov suddenly.

joi, i posted two hours ago:

Blogcn down also!

My blog in blogcn is not OK.
So sad!

Hi, this is Juliana with Reuters News in Beijing. Do you all have any idea why the Blogbus or sites were closed? Anything to do with Dr Jiang's letter? Please reply to my email address.

blogbus service is back online.

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