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Ecto now supports It allows me now to take any URL using in a blog post and submit it to (the URL bookmark exchange) with one click from inside of Ecto (my blogging client). You can see all of these URLs under the delicious tab in my sidebar. You can also subscribe to the URLs in my delicious feed as an RSS feed.


Ecto is a great blogging tool.

I was using iBlog for my .mac account, but switched to Ecto when I started using Typepad.

Now, if only Apple would replace iBlog with Ecto.

Ok, I have KungLog, and I d/l'd ecto, but I can't figure out why I'd use ecto instead of KungLog. It has a weirder interface and doesn't seem to have any additional features.

Maybe I'm blind or stupid, but can someone give me a better sales pitch on ecto? I'm an impatient blogger too busy to figure it out myself. :)

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