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Looks like the date for the first supercomputer flashmob has been decided. Someone moblog this please!

The University of San Francisco is sponsoring the first FlashMob Supercomputer on

- Saturday, April 3, from 8 am to 6 pm,

in the

- Koret Center of the University of San Francisco.

We're planning to network 1200-1400 laptops with Myrinet and Foundry Switches. We'll be running High-Performance Linpack, and we're hoping to achieve 600 GFLOPS, which is faster than some of the Top500 fastest supercomputers.

We need volunteers to

- Bring their laptops: Pentium III or IV or AMD, minimum requirements 1.3 GHz with 256 MBytes of RAM
- Be table captains: help people set up laptops before running the benchmark
- Speak on subjects related to high-performance computing

For further information, please visit our website

Peter Pacheco
Department of Computer Science
University of San Francisco

via Markoff

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I'll volunteer

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