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One more panel...

Wireless and Grassroots Innovation

Tuesday, March 16
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

WiFi is a grassroots phenomenon where innovation is driven by the DIY gestalt that is so much a part of Internet and Open Source development. What are the latest grassroots developments and how do they relate to the future of wireless?

Cory Doctorow , Outreach Coord - Electronic Frontier Foundation
Dan Gillmor , Columnist - San Jose Mercury News
Brad King , Author
David Weinberger - Small Pieces Loosely Joined
Joichi Ito , CEO - Neoteny
John Quarterman , CEO

I haven't seen John Quarterman since there were only a few hundred nodes or so on his map of the Internet. ;-) Look forward to seeing you John.


Joi - can you post some notes on this panel when you get a chance?

Good to see you, too, Joi.

We got some use out of some stories of the old days. Wireless meshes are another way of expanding the same network community, like DSL, T-1, ISDN, and modems before.

A conference organizer told me after the panel that he thought it was the best he had seen all conference.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the panel by jonl: