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Dishonest Dubya. Funny.

via Peggy


When it became apparent that no WMDs would ever be found, I used to feel sorry for George. I'd imagine the question weighing heavily on his heart, mind, and spirit - from dawn till dusk. "Where the hell are those weapons?"

Then, after seeing "Dishonest Dubya", I realized that I couldn't really tell any difference between the action figure and the real man. At that point, I reminded myself that toys can't harbor integrity or intelligence.

when he's wearing that straitjacket outfit, i can't help but to keep checking out his package.

As a Canadian it took me a very long time to figure out why anyone with any brains would vote for someone like Dubya. I thought that if I figured that one out - I would understand America. Funny thing is that I actually started to get it when on a trip in Pakistan. I had picked up a book at the Marriott bookstore in Karachi (next door to the U.S. Consulate; sand bags and machine guns and all) "Parallel thinking" by Edward de Bono. de Bono seems to get his kicks bashing Plato - especially the facist ideas in "Republic". Then it hit me: the purpose of democracy is not to find a competant leader, it is to find someone you trust with power over you that you don't want anyone to have. Suddenly I began to understand why republicans exist. Some people probably thought that if they elected a bone head with no real clue - he would be less likely to come up with some grand plan to change their lives. Oops. Guess they goofed.

David: Exactly!
Republicanism (representative democracy) is heavily steeped in sadism/masochism, which is why it always slides ever so quickly into fascism, dictatorship or empirical rule.

Sadism = the desire to have complete control over another (the politicians who do all they can to get us to let them govern us)
Masochism = the desire to be completely controlled by another (the people who for whatever reasons rather let others control their lives).

Moving right on the classic left/right political scale, what comes after repubilicans? Hmmm...

Yea sure, real funny Joi, except that I live in the US and have the chore of hitting the mute button on the remote everytime he appears on the TV. :(

Congratulation for your weblog. I found you on Orkut. Very funny the animation on George Bush ;-D

On the classic left/right scale, Democrats are just a step or two away from communists. How are communists effectively different from facists?

I disagree with the description of Bush as "a bone head with no real clue". But more importantly, if we wanted to avoid getting someone with a grand plan that he would force on everyone, then Clinton was perfect. He came up with grand plans (through looking at poll numbers) but was willing to drop anything or anyone if they became unpopular. He describes balanced budgets as one of his main achievements, but the balanced budget amendment went into effect only because he was afraid to veto it for the third time. In his campaign, he was obsessed with health care, but that didn't last long. And we all know what happened to his campaign promise to get tough on the Butchers of Beijing.

How is communism different from fascism? You mean, aside from the fact that they're polar opposites? You mean aside from the fact the Benito Mussolini started the Fascist party to combat communism? You mean aside from the fact that in communism, everything is owned by everybody, and in fascism, everything is owned by one person? Because aside from those things, I can't see any differences at all.

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VIA Joi Ito Dishonest Dubya. I'd add this to my wishlist if I could!... Read More