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Having had to deal with many parts of the NTT group as a consumer I think that TypePad and it's customers will live to regret this deal.


Well, NTT is just a licensee of TypePad technology and will provide TypePad to their current customers. This deal doesn't really affect other customers except that there will be more blogs out their to link to and more reason for people to build tools that work with blogs.

Congrats joi, it's a good way to deal with telecommunication company to expend typepad business. Maybe could discuss with NTT embed blog function into cell phone in order to provide convenience way for customer blogging.

Slightly off topic, but I had to chuckle at the name chosen for the Japanese subsidiary: シックス・アパート (Six Aparto). Not only is is hard to pronounce, requiring a little pause and a glottal stop in the middle, but to the Japanese ear doesn't it sound like "six apartments," or even a misprounced "chic apartments"?

Maybe better to have followed the recent trend to transliterate the sound of the original English company name as a whole rather than a word-by-word transliteration of the sound of each section of the name. For instance, Toys 'R Us chose トイザらス (Toyzarus) instead of トイズ・ある・アス (Toys aru us). The whole-word transliteration approach would have been especially appropriate in the case of Six Apart, since in in its case the literal meaning of the original English name has no particular meaning or interest to anyone besides the founders.

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