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A web site by a women who races her motorcycle through the Chernobyl "Ghost Town." Amazing photos.

about town where one can ride with no stoplights, no police, no danger to hit some cage or some dog..
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Cool and Simple site! It brings me back to my favorite time sharing with my bike a long time ago. Thanks, Joi_san.

Better than a documentary.

I found it just so disturbing and sad. It reminds me that when we make use of nuclear power or other dangerous things that we don't fully understand and may not be able to fully control, really bad things can happen.

Who could have imagined an abandoned place where you can't walk around without special tools to detect invisible dangers anymore? It's like some horrific sci-fi story, yet true.

This is one of the scariest sites I've ever seen, because this could happen to us.

It's a reminder of the dangers of nuclear power, yes, but also (especially) nuclear war.

That land will be completely uninhabitable for 300-900 years!

I found the photos of the kindergarden and the people's apartments who had to leave without taking anything, even family photos, particularly sad.

You wonder where they are now.. did they even survive (She says that in the area and its environs, 300,000 - 400,000 people died in the accident and the years since then in radiation-related ways)

How stupid we all are..

This is one of the most haunting websites I've ever been to.

What a remarkable woman.

Elena is a young motorcycle enthusiast from the Ukraine, and she's made an incredible documentary/travelogue/scrapbook which is strongly personal yet probably universally appreciable. Without grandstanding or being pedantic or self-promoting, she shares her experiences from repeated trips through the region surrounding and then up to the Chernobyl atomic power plant, a decade and a half after the horrific disaster occurred.

It is a warm and engaging journey through what could have been portrayed as simply horrifying. I found myself going through a range of emotions that the best movie might hope to elicit, and was actually concerned for her safety (which she seems to have avoided taking any serious risks with).

Thank you Elena.

a picture is worth a thousand words, yes but the hollow, cold and dark beauty of this place...renders words completely inadequate. Thank you Elena.

Truly moving site.

Fantastic photos too. As Chuck Green said I too was also concerned with her safety.

Its some trip I would like to do myself, to see it first hand.

As the others say, you are a truly remarkable woman.

Thank you.

A truley haunting site. This site should be promoted the world over as warning to everyone as to the dangers of nuclear technology. Utterly brilliant.
Thank you Elena

It had long been a cardinal precept of Soviet Civil Defense that they could cope with a nuclear war. I believe when the Soviets appreciated the magnitude of the disaster, they realized they could never survive, let alone win a nuclear war... The whole raison d'entre for the Soviet goal of world domination was suddenly realized to be impractical...

Elena, your pictures and commentary are scary, brilliant and incredibly graphic, but you are a fool. It's totally beyond reason as to why anyone would put themselves at risk to the danger of nuclear fallout, especially on a whim! Pretty soon, you might start experiencing the effects of radiation sickness (if that hasn't already happened by now). Certainly you must realize that you've exposed yourself to high concentrations of ionizing radiation. The threat of cancer, disease and sickness may creep up on you like a monster, years later. It's not worth the risk.

If anyone is interested in additional documentary photos of Belarus, I invite you to visit my website: I haven't been to the radiation areas, mostly in Minsk and a few other towns.

I don't know what to think. I would hope to believe "elena". I have read her whole story and all the pics. I have also read National Geographic Explorer Magazine...April 06. They are REAL LIFE pics. I respect the photographer and would have the guts to go with him in reactor no. 4. If "elena" is real I love fast bikes..I would go for a ride w her!

elena is full of shit so radiations wont kill her. turds are immune to radiations