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Ze Frank, who was on my panel yesterday has a hilarious movie. MUST See. Makes fun of Friendster, Orkut and Wallop.

And Ze is a VERY funny guy. Check out his web page.


You know I never liked social networking toys like Friendster. Email is and my site are they only networking social software that I really want

Boy that was hilarious. I usually don't like it when performers echo Jack Nicholson, (see C. Slater) but this guy gets away with it.

Shoot, he could be wearing a gorilla mask and a pink tutu, and his material would still be great. Oh yeah, he could wear a fedora too.

Mr. Frank kicks ass!! xoxoxoxo

Mr. Frank kicks ass!! xoxoxoxo

Mr. Frank kicks ass!! xoxoxoxo

His redalert video is another hilarity!

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