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I just arrived in Canne. I'm giving a talk tomorrow and will be on a panel the day after for Milia...


sorry I'm not there Joi... Hope you find someone to hang out with!

I went to Milia at Canne six years ago. It was small (compared to E3 conference in US) but was filled with great interactive CD-ROM based applications and Internet services. I was very impressed by the quality of European digital contents, especially from French creators at that time. I wish I could visit there again.

Meantime, you should go to restaurants on the top of very small mountain next to Canne. (Sorry I forgot the name.) It was incrediblly good place with great view of Canne town at night time.

are you going to make it to toronto by april 12?
emailed you the protocol...send back comments/feedback/questions


..this blog is turning ito a list of places visited or about to visit...sorry but the value's on a down turn.

yeah, and people saying "see you there Joi" or "I wish I was in the French Alps with you Joi" or "Lets hook up at the next SSFLG2 conference, I think we will be on the same panel"


Blogs ebb and flow like people's lives. Sometimes people are too busy to make a worthwhile contribution, sometimes they have more time to share more interesting thoughts, sometimes the best they can do is provide quick updates on what they are up to. I am sure Joi is just busy and will have plenty to say at a later date, until then, find another blog!

Read this blog superficially, and the information and impressions you'll gather will likely be superficial.
As for Cannes, Joi previously provided a link to the basic discussion points he'd be building upon for his Milia keynote. It's up to you to read them to see if you can derive any value from his thinking, or get new ideas...

Hi Joi,

i heard your talk. good point you have made.
i would love to get into contact again (probably friday at milia) pls call +41797639180 tks

Yeah. Apologies for this rather value-free blog post. Mostly, was a way to hook up with people here. I have VERY spotty connectivity via very spotty gprs.

The talk was fun, but a very "I guess you guys are kinda screwed" talk from someone who has nothing to lose so I felt a bit bad.

I'll post a summary of my talk once I get some time to decompress. Maybe if I get a chance on the plane.

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