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See you later Cannes and thanks for all the mussels.

I met some really cool people this trip and got a glimpse into "the other side". Enjoyed myself very much. Weather was beautiful too.

Now I'm off to Tokyo via Frankfurt. I have a horrible 4 hours layover in Frankfurt. Anyone going to be in Frankfurt this afternoon? Maybe we can play scrabble or something...


Bon voyage. Glad you enjoyed being in Europe. Thought of reminding you to say goodbye to all the frogs but that is not very politically correct these days. Heh. I forgot about the great mussels in France and Belgium ;)

Poor Joi. First he is forced to jet set around the world rubbing elbows with the rich, elite and powerful, then fate has the audacity to make him endure a whole four hours in an airport. My heart goes out to you Joi. I hope you make it through those 'horrible' four hours unscathed. Who knows, maybe you'll meet an interesting stranger with bigger problems than you who can help you put things back into perspective.

Yes... woe is me...

Root? that you?

I know of whom you speak and I am not he.

FYI Joi, your comment filter is choking on my legitimate domain RIST0001 dot com so I'm forced to use my excite email.

If you're ever laid over in Seattle, I'll buy you a cup of tea and pick your brain about a public-private partnership I've been kicking around in the context of TypePad. There's a logical opportunity just waiting to be capitalized on.

ehi, hope next airport u have to wait in will be fiumicino..lots of things to do there while waiting your flight..used to go there before the 11th of sept just to hang around and talk to people and drink beer... bar was opened all nite long and people who have to leave for other places and have time to loose would be more opened to crazy discussions. once I met an australian girl who was hanging around with bags and polaroid attached to every bag..wierd pictures of wierd places she had visited and some poetries written on the back...she gave me one with a pyramid and a glass...the poetry on the back is about sadness..if someone saw this girl in an airport somewhere in the world pls tell me...think she lives in airport! rome is without any doubts much interesting than cannes joi :)

Nothing to say against Frankfurt Airport, joi. If I would have managed to read Your blog-entry early enough I could have met You there. Well, another time, another chance ;-)

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