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I am hosting a gathering here in Tokyo starting tomorrow. It's a somewhat academic meeting to talk about social science issues and technological issues around mobility and microcontent. Participants include a small group of academics, technologists and business people. I'll let you know if we come up with anything interesting. Some of the other participants will probably be blogging as well.

This is the first time that I've ever worked together with my sister to organize something so that's been fun. It's also been great working with the team at the Insight & Foresight unit at Nokia who are supporting the event. BTW, "Kizuna" is a Japanese word that means a kind of mental linkage between people. "Friendship" and "family tie" are probably close counterparts in English.


would Nokia be interested in a project witht the visually impaired comming together as a art group using cellphone cameras as a way to augment their ability to see??

I am going to interview each of the photographers today and see if they like being called the three camera mind. they have been introduced to the idea of bloging, and wish to partake in the language of invention and use of consumer technologies. On Behalf of Ben, Florence, and John, I would wish you all a tremendous Kizuana gathering, and look forward to learning how you all connect and make things happen. We are shooting towards a photoshoot with Professor steve mann and wish to further understand the concepts of Family area network, and bloggging towards artistic exploration. We also would like to let you know that our three camera mind group is based out of NYC with staff support from the st marks poetry project, as well as from a network of small NYC museums that would serve as an experiment ground to implement the comarametric photography by steven mann. We can generate alot of positive attension to your friends product line and do some interesting connectivity flash arting with the three camera mind group. Understanding different perspectives of personal imaging technology is key to understanding what the future image processing systems will bring, and this will pose interesting questions regarding institutional use of image processing vs. th individuals systems.

thank you all for your consideration, good day and best wishes for a productive meeting.

stefanos pantagis md.

your sister may be interested in the concept of memory prosthetics as well as the concept of the webramp.

we could set up a team in japan: We could get Professor Tosihihiko Oba to help us from the Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital, who is doing some ground breaking work in integrating consumer technologies towards therapeutic systems for children post cochlear implant treatment.

Perhaps he may have an associate at the hospital who can help us design a international research protocol with professor steven mann on these subjects. My feeling, researching a broad areas of human ailment will bring about a different paradigm towards treatment, with consumer electronics and communication systems at the center of reconnecting persons with disabilities ranging from gait disorders, visual impairments, memory loss, and even depression.

in the course of this research, we can discover the anthropologic nature of experiencing illness, or disablility, and what factors lead to healing and improved outcomes from an information transfer perspective. It seems to me that communication, both in having the right information available, to being able to ask, represent ones view point to the world is the abstract notion of being human we can relate to.
It would take a virtual university of such research with each illness researched and blogged. Your sister may know that leonardo, another MIT publication, can serve as a way to open up directions in research with presenting the topic artistically. Or better yet, allowing those who have been outside of the dialog to have a voice, such as the visually impaired creating visual art.

Dr Oba's phone number is +81-3-3451-8211/ just say steve mann's student is looking to connect to create an international dialog on this subject.

Sorry to be off-topic, but, Stefanos... Have you considered starting your own blog? I've seen quite a lot of comments from you over the last few posts and they seem to be talking about unrelated things, though they sound like interesting things.

(You can delete this comment, Joi...)

yes, i do...with my blind photographers

yes, i do...with three visually impaired photographers...

another off topic ... Did you know Yahoo news quoted you Joi? Soap on the cellphone as TV goes tiny

Oh! Thanks Alex.

my intent is to help persons maintain independence with consumer technology is what I am attempting. With Dr. Oba's help, we can get yourself,Joi, or someone like yourself who understands the future trends of consumer technologies to sit on the board of the Tokyo Saiseikai Hospital. This will help the hospital's Institutional review board understand what the ideas, and protocols will mean. It is very likely that the same ideas expressed in Japan, will be met with enthusiasm, but with critical cynism (and rejection) in the USA and or Canada.

Dr. Oba is going to have an article in the new England Journal of Medicine and has a very strong background in Electrical Engineering. What I am trying to say is that, research with the visually impaired will have tremendous application with other conditions that can be treated with the human/machine interface towards humanistic intelligence.

What I am trying in a very public way is to demonstrate the mind as public, collective, with its nuaces, as one who is ill will demonstrate, and how a potential remote helper will need to learn to adapt to the person being helped individual quircks.

I think that this is a relevant mobile question: and it has been these last two posts that encouraged me to make use of some of the business cards I collected and trying to understand this placeless blog that brings in all cultures and perspectives.


Stef: We like to think we are open to new ideas here in Canada. ;-)

Honestly, you are full of ideas. You should really get a blog!

Actually, I have found I write about twice as much on other blogs as I do on my own.

What Stefanos is doing is even better - *doing*, not writing. I heartily encourage you, Stefanos, to continue to actually take action to change things - afterwards maybe you can write some memoirs if you're so inclined!

Actually, I have found I write about twice as much on other blogs as I do on my own.

What Stefanos is doing is even better - *doing*, not writing. I heartily encourage you, Stefanos, to continue to actually take action to change things - afterwards maybe you can write some memoirs if you're so inclined!

dave join us: we need a vitual on line art critic to the visually impaired. we are collaborating with professor steven mann and will need your remote help, running to brooklyn for an interview with one of the visually impaired artists.

sorry joi for taking over/virtually hi jacking your blog...Our photographers will be very appreciative.

Oh by the way, your emails got sent back to me and I was told to organize the thought some more and make things look more professional...

thanks for being a good sport about things.