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The Japanese "sort of equivalent" of SuicideGirls is Cure, a cosplay sight. The biggest difference is that the sexy pictures are not allowed. It's quite an amazing community. There are 5000 layers (comes from Cosplayers) and 30,000 cameko (comes from camera kozo or "Camera Boys"). The layers can be sorted by ranking or by the characters they play. The cameko are otaku who spend their lives taking pictures of the layers and giving beautiful prints of their photos to the layers and sharing them online. The site lets you send these photos to or view them on your mobile phones.


Sort of a "Rocky Horror Show" online....

Cure is not only a japanese site. I'm a north american cosplayer and I and my friend have been filmed and photographed for Cure coverage of SakuraCon 2005. I knew about the site in advance, and it was quite an honor to be picked out of main cosplay area of the convention to have our Gaara (from the anime Naruto) costumes filmed.