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You can now track who is linking to particular posts on my blog by clicking the Technorati link next to link next to trackbacks at the bottom of the post. The result is similar to trackbacks, but these links are links that have been discovered by Technorati, whereas trackbacks are links that are sent to me directly by other bloggers. Boing Boing recently started Technorati support and Dave Sifry explains how to add this to your blog. Since I don't get as many links as Boing Boing, clicking the Technorati link will often yield no results. I think we need to figure out a way to easily show how many links from Technorati, just like comments and trackbacks so people will know whether they should click or not. Adriaan's got it running on his blog using the Technorati API, but it's a bit dodgy still so I'm going to wait for a better solution. ;-)

In order to make these results more accurate, it would be great if people made a point to link as much as possible to the permalinks rather than the top level URL when referring to entries in blogs.


We've also added these to The Industry Standard Guest Blog, but, as you also point out, it requires a lot more traffic or discussions than we're getting still.

So, one thing I find interesting about Technorati is that they claim to put their Web site under a Creative Commons license (by-nc), without actually describing what they're claiming copyright to. by-nc is probably not compatible with most of the search results shown. So what's the license for? What do I get for my money here?

(I've talked to a couple of people who've emailed Technorati about it. No answer.)

I'm not a lawyer, and I don't play one on the 'net, but I would hazard a guess that they might be asserting some sort of editorial copyright, the same as the copyright that the editor of a book who aggregates articles from a number of authors, each of whom retains his or her own copyright.

So I wouldn't think they are claiming to be offering the other authors' work under the licence. They obviously can't because it hasn't been licenced or otherwise granted to them.

I never understood how trackbacks worked exactly. I thought trackbacks did what you're saying this technorati thing is doing. I put it on my site and thought sites linking to my posts would show up, but it doesn't.

What's the point of trackbacks if techorati's doing a similar service but automatcially?

I'll let someone more official from Technorati answer the copyright issue, but I would assume it means that you can take the results of a technorati query and publish them on your site like I have in my sidebar.

Jessica. You have to actually send a trackback to a site to get it listed. Movable Type and TypePad can do it automatically. There are ways to do it by hand too. Check out the link in my post for a more technical description.

It is a super idea, I have put on all my blogs, although no one has linked so far. Thank you.

Joi: that's the whole problem. You -have- to assume, because they don't tell you. In fact, most of their terms of service ( are in contradiction of the terms of the by-nc license they claim the site is under.

And don't bother waiting for someone more official from Technorati to answer the question: they've ignored it from several sources. They probably wouldn't ignore it from Creative Commons, but Creative Commons doesn't get involved with this kind of thing.

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