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I'm at Narita airport on my way to Linz to be on the Digital Communities jury of Ars Electronica. I think this is my eighth year as a jury member for Ars Electronica so going to Linz feels like going back to an old home. I look forward to eating my favorite wienerschnitzel soon.


You mean poor man's veal parmigiana? :)

I will have my favorite tonkatsu for lunch.

Safe travels Joi and have fun. :)

oooh wienerschnitzel, i'm sooo jealous! i ate 7 of them once for a bet ;) that was in barwies, lovely place just outside insbrück.

hey, i did not see any dates on the ars page, will you stil be in europe on the 12th? looks like the blog meet in london is going to be an event you can't miss ;)

ciao ito,

today I read your interview on Il Sole 24ORE, you seem to be quite optimist about future don't you?

ma tu mi sai spiegare perchè agli italiani piace il sushi? non corrisponde ai nostri gusti, io sono sicuro che sia il frutto di un delirio collettivo.

ad ogni buon conto se passi a roma ti faccio conoscere la mia ragazza che è una fottuta blogger proprio come te!

Hi Ito, i read your inbterview on Il Sole 24 ORE.

I juts think you are a little to optimiste about the future...

se vieni a roma ti presento la mi aragazza:, è anche lei una fottuta blogger proprio come te.


Yes... I am bit too optimistic for my own good.

ciao ito,
i have read about your blog in an article and so i am checkin out your website right now.
quite cool that you are coming to austria, as i am austrian myself.
because i have not been there for a while, i am also already dying for some good austrian food (not just wienerschnitzel, there is a lot of good stuff!).
have fun & enjoy,

hi ito,
don't forget to book for festival in siachilaba / tonga area / zimbabwe in september ! I am sure you will like sadza nyama as much as wiener schnitzel
best regards