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I'm not sure how I feel about being in the WSJ for my stupidity, but I agreed in order to emphasis my point to more people.


The WSJ doesn't point out that the EU is investigating European roaming charges which are scandalous! Data charges, even in your home country, are also awful.

Have you ever eaten a manatee?

wow and i thought i was bad with my average 800 dollar bill a month. i bow to you o master of spend :)

seriously though, phone companies get away with murder :(

Mr. Ito thinks cellphone-service providers' roaming charges are excessive. "I knew I was going to be charged a premium rate for roaming, but I had no idea it would be $3,500," he says, ruefully.

I have come to feel that such things should actually cost the user much more. Granted, I'm sure the 3,500 you paid went into the pockets of top management, and not to compensate for lost environmental resources to build such an infrastrucure, but come on, do you really expect that the convenience is not costing the world much more than $3,500 worth of damage? I would hope to pay much more, but also expect that it would be used to compensate for the environmental damage it causes.

Joi - you did mention your bill already in public at the last Milia :) No wonder the media is keen to report it by now.

But you are right: roaming charges are basically free when you hook up to the internet from any hotspot and or webcafe around the globe. Why isn't it yet so for data traffic with voice-based historical carriers (cellcos). Have they understood the name of the game ?

A story like yours hurts more their image and potential data-traffic usage uptake than all marketing dollars they spend on promoting the service.

Prices indeed need to go down...

Joi, you are also in Wired Magazine...

When I read about this, I grew sick to my stomach as if the bill were my own.

You are not alone. I posted a short piece on my blog about a Dutch journalist who was testing out Vodafone's new UMTS service in the Netherlands. It cost him 25 EUR just to view the online front page of a newspaper. Vodafone is charging 100 EUR for 75MB. The article is at

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