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Somewhat scary, but pretty interesting Orkut datamining. An Orkut density map and a Orkut Personal Network GeoMapper. Here's a map of my network. It doesn't seem to map my complete network. It's also too bad it's not global yet.

Via Sanford


You must be quite busy, Joi. This blog has become quite dull

I am quite busy, but...

When I saw the post I was intrigued, but I gotta say, that's a pretty useless service.

Check out
I would expect some of these tools to be available. What use is datamining if you have no analytical tools?

I think my team could have built the Orkut site in under 10 minutes. It really didn't take us very long to do the site.

Global mapping, better presentation, being able to click on a point to get relevant data, highlighting cities, all that would be quite simple.

Here's an interesting forum where we can discuss orkut.

Here's an interesting forum where we can discuss orkut.

all if you information it should be beware of datamining concept

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