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Do IT workers dream of electric sheep? This hilarious site compiles the nightmares and dreams of coders.
One of the scariest nightmares I've had in the past decade or so was about me being stuck in a Nethack dungeon. Everything was green on black (I'd been playing on a Facit VT100-clone) and in 7-bit ASCII. I distinctly remember being chased by a lower-case x, scared out of my wits and at the same time feeling ashamed of being such a wimp that a mere grid bug was a threat.
I have a lot of weird dreams. Sometimes I'm a contract that's being negotiated. Sometimes, I see everything in gritty black and white.


Have you ever had a dream where you're thinking about writing code? In you're mind, you piece together classes or functions using valid source code, but the functions themselves are nonsensical or do nothing at all. I often have that one and it's strangely frustrating.

Try to use a wiki in your dreams.
Or try to think with a wiki.

Think wiki has a socialist utopy.

Think open source development has a concrete socialism softwareworld regulation.

Enhance your world like you want.